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Our Little Ones’ Hands – Safety Rules To Live By

By Mountain Publishing @mountainpublish
Our Little Ones’ Hands – Safety Rules To Live By

The fact of the matter is that our little ones have no clue as to what our day-to-day lives are really like, and what happens after they are tucked tightly into bed at night: the house clean up and mess that you face each night, the organization and prep for the next day, the laundry....It's an endless amount of work to be a parent, but truly the most rewarding of experiences ever and worth everything that it takes to do it right.

Part of the responsibility for parenting is keeping medications, supplements, and vitamins out of our children's vision, awareness, and most important - out of their tiny or growing hands. To our little ones, a supplement looks like a piece of candy; a pain reliever looks like a piece of caramelized popcorn. Mommy Authority reminds us that you can never be too careful around the safety of our children in this regard. There are usually no second chances when it comes to accidents on this subject matter.

To be sure you've got all your bases covered, follow these safety rules. And be religious about it. This is one of those times you have to be 100% on the ball 100% of the time.

Step #1 - Out of Sight and Locked Up

There is a misnomer that keeping medications high up and out of reach is enough. But it really is not ultimately safe enough when we're talking about being sure that there are no accidents. New stories circulate all the time about accidents that happens - and the stories and warnings usually include how the parents had the best of intentions with precautions in having arranged to childproof their home. But kids can climb and they can get to places that parents cannot imagine how they can get to. Or they know our hiding places because they astutely saw us in a cabinet in another room that one time. So at the end of the day, the rule is to keep everything locked up - even though that may be a source of inconvenience. Your medicine cabinet should be under lock and key - 24/7.

Step #2 - Get Safety Caps Too

Although everything will be locked up, you still will want to take that second layer of precaution by getting your medications, vitamins and supplements with safety caps. It's another layer of safety on top of the safekeeping of a locked medicine cabinet. If others say it's overkill, be sure to tell them that you can never be too careful. And be sure that the safety click is in place when you close a bottle. After all, it only takes one more second to open up a bottle with a safety cap than one without it, and to close it and be sure it's properly closed. Countless tears breaking numbers of stories point to how easily young children can figure out how to easily open safety caps.

Step #3 - Clean Up After Yourself

If you take a vitamin, put it away immediately and not the next time you go to your locked medicine cabinet. This is not about being lazy or disorganized; it's about following up immediately to be sure that the medicine, supplement, or vitamin that you've just taken gets put away immediately. Don't wait; even herbs for losing weight should not get into the wrong hands. There are no conveniences here - do not be mistaken. You can never keep your pills out.

Step #4 - Brief Your Guests

Yes, if you invite people into your home for one night, one weekend, or one week, they need to know and understand your rules and why this is so important to you. Come up with a plan with your guests if they take regular medications and where they are keeping them - in their suitcase, bag, or purse and moving them to your locked cabinet. Don't ever be concerned about inconveniencing your guests about being guests in your home.

Take good care of your little ones; they need you to guard them and protect them and be diligent. It's worth every bit of effort, every single day.

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