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Our Favourite Shops No.13

By Lwblog @londonwalks

Our Favourite Shops No.13Every Thursday we bring you The Daily Constitutional guide to the best of London shopping – independent, one man- and one-woman bands, unique boutiques, singular emporia and London institutions.
These are our favorite shops. To nominate your favourite shop for inclusion send us an email with a short description and a brief reason why you think it is the best shop in London.
13. TKTS What: Half Price & Discount Theatre Tickets Our Favourite Shops No.13
Where: Leicester Square
Why: Because the theater is very expensive and there are scores of footpads and ruffians who will happily sell you dud tickets claiming that they are a bargain. Once upon a time this Leicester Square institution was simply called The Half Price Ticket Booth – and its purpose remains exactly that: theater tickets on the day of performance for as little as 50% of the price. Of the name – TKTS – an American London Walker once asked: “What happened to its vowels? Did they get blown off in the blitz?”

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