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Our Biggest Travel Regrets

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

When wrapping up your year in review it is only natural that you take a look back and take stock of what you did and did not accomplish so you know how to do things better in the future. We were called upon by some fellow bloggers to post our biggest travel regrets.  Thanks to both The Mellyboo Project and Southwest Compass for sucking us into this travel meme :-) After sitting down and going over our time, this is what we came up with as our biggest travel regrets!

Sad, sad Kenin - Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Sad, sad Kenin

Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Visiting NYC and not seeing a Broadway show –  We have visited New York City many times. Kenin and I have always wanted to see a show on Broadway. This never happened because most of our trips to NYC were pretty spontaneous. I even took Ken to see a concert in NYC where we flew in for 24 hours, but somehow haven’t managed to see a show on Broadway! Next time, I am not leaving without seeing a show ON Broadway.

Kenin and Lauren at Rockefeller Center - Our biggest travel regrets

Kenin and Lauren at Rockefeller Center

Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Going to Trinidad and not taking the extremely short flight/ferry to Tobago - This is Kenin’s regret. He has visited my homeland on countless many occasions. We always seem to get caught up in family gatherings and never had a moment to ourselves. Tobago is a 45 minute flight from Trinidad and it is relatively inexpensive. It boasts one of the world’s most beautiful coral reefs and one of the world’s best beaches. There is no excuse for him not making this trip


Trinidad, not Tobago! - Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Trinidad, not Tobago!

Going to Alaska and not seeing one darn bear - We traveled almost every inch of interior Alaska during our last visit. I didn’t see one bear, not one! I’ve actually never seen a real bear in the wild. I’ve driven through most of North America in all types of climates and many different topographies. Never seen a bear, ever, in the wild. I’m beginning to believe that they are a mythical creature and all the internet hype is for fake, animatronics creatures. Bears might not be real….

Mythical creatures - Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Mythical creatures

Not doing more excursions on cruises - We’ve sailed on many cruises in our past together. We used much of this time poorly. We napped and ate and napped some more. We only recently started doing shore excursions while cruising. We missed too many hikes, fun beach activities, and sight-seeing tours to count. I recommend that if you go to a strange place, take the time to actually visit. Go out there and meet the locals, eat their food, dance to their music, and immerse yourself in a different culture. No more lazy cruising for us!

Kenin napping in hammock - Our Biggest Travel Regrets

Kenin napping in hammock

Being sick while visiting Portland OR - I was looking forward to visiting Portland, OR for years. I finally get the chance to be in the city for two days, and I get the flu. What dumb frickin’ luck!?! I am not talking about the beginnings of the flu either. I am talking about snotty nosed, red eyed, can’t breathe, can’t see straight, everything hurts, full on FLU! It was bad! What do I do… I put on my grown-up pants, slap on a smile, and head into town with Kenin. We ate great food, drank great beer, walked around the city, drank more great beer, and I would not remember doing any of it had it not been for the incredible invention of cameras. Portland needs to have a part 2  :(

This is just like taking Nyquil right!?!

This is just like taking Nyquil right!?!

Our Biggest Travel Regrets

We try to not have any negativity while traveling. Things get in the way, plans change, stuff happens. Take it with a grain of salt and make the best of your travels! You only live once, make sure you do it to the fullest! Safe and happy travels everyone!

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