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Our BIG News

By Schoolofvintage @schoolofvintage
As of today, we are the proud tenants of a storefront! Our little online store will soon be expanding into a real live store in Surf City, NJ. For those of you who know us, this is a HUGE step for us, and has been a dream of ours for a long time. We have so many mixed emotions from ecstatic, to excited, to scared out of our minds! (scared in a good way of course) There are so many things to do, we literally don't know where to start. But what we do know is that we are taking a leap of faith, and a big step forward. We love our shop, and can't wait to see ourselves here. There is so much more to us than you see online, and we can't wait for it to be represented in a storefront.
our BIG news
our BIG news
So this is it! It was a crappy t-shirt place before, so we certainly have a lot of sprucing up to do. The exterior, dead plants, and t-shirt stickers are off-putting right now, but we PROMISE you from the bottom of our racing hearts that we will do you proud. It will be perfect. Our shop is right in the center of town and is so close to the beach we can smell it.  We will be updating often on the progress of our shop. And we plan on a May grand opening/summer kick-off, you're all expected to attend.
In honor of our new home:
(look for us, we're in the bikinis)

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