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Ouch, Sorry Andrei

By Realdarinford @realdarinford
Ouch, sorry AndreiAndrei Kirilenko is still probably pumping the Advil as we speak. My man took a bit of a stumble while sprinting the baseline trying to smack down or intercept an awful lob thrown by the teams opposing PG... In all honesty, Andrei was the one who ended up the "smack down,"     and you can tell it hurt.
I mean, i'm usually one for toughness and playing through the injuries that you accumulate. But, this isn't exactly one that you can just shake off. The big AK-47 broke his nose yesterday (November 19, 2011) and isn't quite sure on how long the recovery will take. In case you weren't aware, Kirilenko signed with CSKA Moscow for this season. (I went ahead and said for this season because the chances of the lockout ending before are sadly very unlikely.
Here's the vid:

I began to grow sick to my stomach from this video. (I have a very weak stomach.) If we could interview Andrei I'd say it'd be a pretty solid guess if he said that the impact on that fall was the most painful he's ever had. He's lucky that he didn't come away with some broken teeth, a cut up lip, and maybe even a concussion.
AK-47 has done somewhat "okay," I guess you could say overseas so far. Not exactly grand... In fact, "okay" is probably an understatement. At least according to Nick Gibson of
Here's some more CSKA Moscow footage:

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