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Ottawa - the Wild Westminster

By Zubitravel @zubitravel
Once called the Wild Westminster, Ottawa is now a refined city with a variety of national institutions like the ones on Parliament Hill, and quality museums.
Declared capital of Canada about 150 years ago Ottawa was historically important in the logging and lumber industries but and evolved as a high-tech center nowadays.
Unique as a North American capital, this Washington of Canada is also famous for being bilingual, although most people have English as a primary language, staff in most stores and restaurants also speak French.
The main attractions in Ottawa are:
Parliament Hill, in the middle of Downtown Ottawa overlooking the Ottawa river. Whit a Gothic architecture it was both by the British Parliament and by the neoclassical Capitol in Washington. Centre Block contains the House of Commons and Senate chambers and is the most important building in Ottawa. Another great building situated on the Parliament Hill is the Library of Parliament, a national symbol of Canada.
The Canadian Museum of Civilization, this is the most popular and by far the most-visited museum in Canada. By exploring this museum you can find a lot about the human history of Canada and the cultural diversity of the people living here. 
Rideau Hall, the official residence of the Queen and the Governor General of Canada.
Hochey, the all time favorite sport in Canada. You should not miss a hockey game when in Canada and the Ottawa Senators are waiting to have you in the stands of a national hockey league game.
Centre Block, Parliament Hill Centre Block, Parliament Hill
The Library of Parliament in OttawaThe Library of Parliament in Ottawa
Downtown Ottawa by NightDowntown Ottawa by Night 
Rideau Hall OttawaRideau Hall Ottawa
Ottawa Senators Hockey Game Ottawa Senators Hockey Game 

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