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Osher Ad to Open in USA

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Osher Ad, the fourth largest Israeli supermarket chain, is now set to open its first supermarket abroad, in Brooklyn, this coming August. Osher Ad will be the first Israeli supermarket to open abroad.
Osher Ad to open in USA
While the first will be in Brooklyn, they seem to have plans to open more further down the line. They plan to open stores in areas that have high concentrations of religious Jews.
source: Bloomberg
I wonder if they are going to import the Kirkland products to these new shops in the United States... Or maybe the reverse. Maybe there they will be fully stocked with the local USA products and will specialize in importing some Israeli brands that are not yet available there...
But seriously, most of the high-concentration-religious-Jewish areas in the USA already have kosher markets, along with the general supermarkets. I wonder what they will do to be unique and competitive.
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