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Osem's Bamba to Take on Peanut Allergies in the USA

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Osem's Bamba to take on peanut allergies in the USABamba in the USA sounds like a recipe for disaster, as the stigma against peanuts and peanut-based foods is strong and the fear of peanuts is dominant. That is not stopping Osem from aggressively attempting to ramp up the marketing of bamba in the USA and step up the distribution to a much wider public.
source: Algemeiner
Osem points to opinions that show the incorporation of bamba as what might be considered a staple of the diet of Israeli children is responsible for keeping the peanut allergy rate in Israel very low. I have never seen any studies quoted that prove or strongly indicate this as fact, but people in the health industry are of the opinion that early consumption of bamba, from the ages of 4 to 6 months, can generally take the credit, at least partially, as a form of inoculation against the peanut allergy.
All will be good and dandy until the first lawsuit against Osem, unless they can produce studies and not just opinions. While I don't eat bamba, it seems to be so well liked in Israel that it is a shame the kids elsewhere can't really enjoy it, and its possible powers against a peanut allergy would be an added bonus if real.
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