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Osem Changes Iconic Bamba Baby Image

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Big news in the food industry in Israel!
Osem changes iconic bamba baby imageIn honor of International Women's Day, to be celebrated on March 8, 2020, Osem has announced it is releasing its flagship product, bamba, with new packaging.
Alongside the classic package of bamba with its iconic bamba baby will be packages of bamba with a new image - a bamba baby girl!
The new bamba baby girl is displayed wearing a pink shirt with orange hair and eyelashes.
The new packaging with the girl baby will only be on shelves for a limited time, from now until mid-March, and only on the 60 gram and 80 gram packages.
I am actually surprised this has not already been done, and on a permanent basis. Osem has come under pressure in the past for packaging on some of their other products. Also, once they are adding the baby girl, why not just keep it and use both images?
Ynet asked some questions of Osem and Osem responded that the regular bamba baby is not male or female, just a baby and is an iconic image. The new girl image was a cute idea as a tribute to International Women's Day, but not because girls do not like the regular baby image. They did add that if they see people really like it and want it to stay, they might consider keeping the image in use.
Another question that is interesting was if there is any concern of blowback from the Haredi community, using an image of a girl on the packaging? Osem says there was no issue with this. They say the new package bears the Badatz kashrut, just like the regular packages do and they expect no trouble.
Being that we all know the Badatz does require companies to change packaging for products certified by the Eida, when necessary, the fact that they put their hechsher on this package with the baby girl image means they are ok with it. It does not mean other people will not make trouble about it, but generally things should be fine.
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