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Organizing The Perfect Closet

By Cefashion @cefashion

We all dream of having a fabulous closet like the ones our favorite celebrities have. Unfortunately, those gorgeous walk-ins come at a pricey cost that not all of us can afford such a lavish closet yet. But here are 7 tips for a more organized and beautiful closet space.


  1. Start by tossing all your outworn clothes out or donating them. This is sometimes a difficult task and while you might have a hard time leaving behind that gorgeous wool cardigan you bought two seasons ago, think about the next beautiful item that will be replacing it. You know what they say, don’t ever be afraid to let go because something better will always come along!
  1. Swing by and check out a store with tons of retail store supplies in Canada and stack up on hangers, accessory hangers, shelves and other organizing supplies. Make sure to have a good idea of the kind of closet you want to have. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I want to hang most of my clothes? Do I want to fold my things on shelves? How do I want to display my accessories?
  1. Decide how you want to organize your clothes. Do you want to organize by season, by color or by type? I would personally try to coordinate by season first, then by type and color. If you live in a country like Canada where you go from wearing thick knitted sweaters in February and a summer dress in July, then you better separate the two! Your closet will not only be more visually appealing, but it will also be easier to find what you are looking for. Remember, your goal is have a neat and beautiful closet space!
  1. Hang your tops, dresses and skirts. The more you hang, the clearer your closet will be and the easier you’ll be able to see what you have. Therefore that cute vintage top you bought won’t go out of sight and everyone will get to see your amazing taste! For your dresses, sort them out by length, day and night, and color! Moreover, never leave your evening dresses in the dry cleaning bag. The chemicals from dry cleaning will destroy the fabric and cause damage.
  1. Fold those heavy sweaters. Like that, they won’t stretch out and won’t lose their shape. For perfect folds, use a folding board. Also, use cedar to prevent moths from getting into your cashmere and wool sweaters.
  1. When it comes to your jeans, the choice is entirely yours. You can hang them by the hem and organize them from dark to light. Or you can fold them and place them on shelves by cuts.
  1. Place your jewelry and accessory hangers to avoid getting them tangled up. It is also another great way to see what you have and plan out your outfits.

Most importantly, take your time. Reorganizing your closet can be a little bit time consuming. But once you cross the finish line, your closet space will be a step closer to looking like your dream celebrity closet!

Organizing Perfect Closet
Organizing Perfect Closet

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