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Organized Travel with the TUO from Origami Unicorn

By Kenin Bassart @Constantramble

While there are many packing tricks and hacks for getting as much as you can into on bag, they often leave you with quite the mess when it comes to unpacking at your destination. This can be especially true of your smaller items like, socks, undies, and accessories. Origami Unicorn, the team behind the TUO ( travel undergarment organizer), recognized this and came up with a purpose built solution that not only helps you save space, but actually keeps everything supremely organized! Plus, how cute is that logo!?!

Origami Unicorn TUO Bag

Many long term travelers ( including us) use packing cubes in order to keep things organized and save space. However, I’ve always been annoyed that it can be pretty difficult to remember what you put where, and the fact that the cube only remains organized until you open it and pull out one thing. Well, I’ve been testing the Origami Unicorn TUO for the last few weeks and I can tell you that it makes packing and accessing your undergarments and accessories super easy and efficient.

Origami Unicorn Closed

One of my favorite features of the TUO is the fact that it comes compartmentalized so you can very easily group your underthings and other accessories together. This came in handy while packing all of our underthings for a recent 10-day trip and keeping them organized the whole time.

It also comes in super handy for shorter trips, since you can use one section for your socks and other undergarments, while using another section for outfit accessories like belts, ties, and jewelry.

Origami Unicorn Loaded up

The TUO also includes a separate “laundry bag” that can be used to store previously worn undergarments and keep them separate from your clean ones. If you’re like me, and already travel with a giant zip-loc bag for your laundry, the pouch becomes another tool for packing and organizing your things :-).

The other key feature that really stood out to me was how the TUO handles itself once you’ve arrived at your destination. Many packing solutions are great for packing, but don’t do much for you when it comes time to actually use your stuff. The TUO overcomes this by including a creatively designed strap/handle combination that allows you to hang/access it nearly anywhere.

Origami Unicorn Hanging

In addition to being a great organizational tool, the TUO from Origami Unicorn also stood out to us as a product that is very well built and should stand the test of time. I found the outer fabric to be strong, while all the inner zippers and other components were well constructed yet soft enough to be gentle on your delicates. Even though I’ve only been using it for the last 30-days or so, it’s stood-up very well with nearly full-time use and looks nearly new.

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