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Organize Your Purse

By Curdsnwhey
So I found this cute idea here and wanted to make one for me.  However, that is not who I made this one for.  I made it for the ladies I visit teach.  This is the topic I shared.  I loved it.  I especially loved the story he shared about the purse.  So I made a cute little card that looked like a clutch and put the story in it.  I then made this cute clutch to put anything from gum to hairbands to emergency candy for kiddos in.  I couldn't find a hot pad that I loved so I made my own.  I think it turned out so cute.
Organize your Purse If you want to make one too here's the how to...
Items Needed:
2 pieces of 8x8 in fabric or hot pad
1 piece of 8x8 in felt
10 snack size ziploc bags
Take your 8x8 in fabric and felt and layer them like this, top piece face up, bottom piece face down and the felt on top.
Organize your PurseNow sew around the edges using 1/4 in seam allowance leaving an opening in the middle of the top edge to turn RSO.  Clip the corners and turn RSO.  Now press folding in the edges of the opening.  Now take some elastic and make a loop.
Organize your PursePlace the elastic in the middle of the opening and pin in place.
Organize your PurseTop stitch around the clutch.  Now go HERE and follow their tutorial on how to sew the baggies in.  Then sew on your button and any embellishment you like and your done.
Organize your PurseOrganize your Purse

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