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Organisation With A Difference-IYSN

By Krishnaidu88 @krishnaidu88

India…the country of great legends…we have been the lands of brilliant minds…But recent years have seen the downfall and what we can call the export of Indian minds to countries abroad….We have become so blind in our quest of prosperity that we forget that it is our responsibility to give back something to this land which has made us capable enough to stand on our feet and speak our mind!!!

I have always felt that some day, the people of this country will give up on their selffishness and strive hard to make this nation-DEVELOPED!!!….This is exact reason why I felt proud when I came across the organization- INDIAN  YOUNG SCIENTISTS NETWORK (…This organisation is what I can call as-”by the students,for the students and towards the bright future of the students”…IYSN was is result of the brain work of young minds like Parth Upadhyay, Devang Agarwal, Utkarsh Singh and Nishi Anand….the most surprising fact being that all of them are 12th students….Brilliance at its best and that too at young age!!!

The guideline of the organisation “If we don’t have a platform, we create one.” itself describes their ideology.IYSN strives to work for those young scientists,scholars and exceptional students who are denied the proper platform to display their skills and ideas to the world.The organization guides these gifted students by supporting them with financial aid through scholarships.The main purpose of the organization is to call for new ideas which is sent forward to Mentors.By doing this,the site provides a way of interaction between the mentor and the student.The mentor if impressed paves way for that ultimate break through for your ideas.

The efforts of these young blood have made me aware of one thing…that not just in near the future but also in the many more generations to come INDIA is surely in safe hands….Please do be a part of this movement and make a difference to the bright future of our country!!!

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