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Oreo Thins

By Mariealicerayner @MarieRynr
Oreo Thins 
Have you tried the New Oreo Thins?   Oreos have always been one of my favorite cookies.  I like the traditional black and whites . . .  that crisp chocolate cookie, that almost mint flavoured cream filling.  With a glass of milk, you almost can't get any better than that.  Very moreish!
Oreo Thins 
And I don't think I am alone in feeling that way either. We love Oreos.  They come in a variety of flavours now, and recently they have come out with Oreo Thins, which is like Oreo Cookie's thinner sister.  They come in two varieties so far . . .  the traditional ones and the chocolate filled ones.
Oreo Thins  I was sent a couple boxes to try, but in all truth I had already tried them.  (A bit of honesty here!)  I loved them.  If there is any problem with them at all it would be that you might want to eat twice as many of them . . .  you know, like potato chips . . .  you can't eat just one, right?
 Oreo Thins 
Same delicious flavours.  Same crisp cookie.  Same tasty filling . . .  fewer calories . . .  who are they trying to kid???  They come two packs to a box and lets face it . . .  you open one of the packs and before you know it, its gone.   If I was a super-hero, one of  my super-hero powers would not be self-control.
Oreo ThinsAvailable at most grocery shops in the cookie/biscuit aisle. Dare I say . . .  M-O-R-E-I-S-H !!!
Note - although I was sent these cookies free of charge for the purpose of reviewing them, I was not required to write a positive review.  They quite simply have always been my favorite cookie.  They still are.  Any and all opinions are completely my own.

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