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Orange You Glad It’s Fall? I Am!

By Lindaleyble @LindaLeyble

Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow.” — Wassily Kandinsky

If you haven’t noticed, I am a big fan of the color orange. Now that’s its fall I can find all sorts of accessories, florals, leaves…and pumpkins to plop into my home to give it a little fall lift. So, it’s a favorite time for me to decorate, redecorate and move things around a bit.

orange flowers on a kitchen island

Don’t be afraid to use orange in your home. Here are some ideas…

Use the color in big ways: This can take guts and design smarts if you are using orange as a highly saturated hue on all four walls…but it’s do-able.  See my post on using orange in interior design for some great ideas.  But using a more sedate version of the color is very palatable and warm. Here’s my great room walls – a toned down orange with browns and cinnamons done in a suede-like plaster. It’s warm and very usable.


using a toned down version of orange in a room

Bring in the color in a pattern on an accent chair: This is a bold yet easier way to use the color. Surprisingly, orange can go with so many different colors. It looks great in a blue room (because these colors are opposites on the color wheel). Blues look more blue when next to orange and vice versa – that’s the beauty of complementary colors. A golden yellow and orange color pairing is a warm analogous color scheme to try in a kitchen or dining room to stimulate the appetite. Pair fuchsia with orange and you’ll have a lively, modern scheme.

modern orange and cream patterned chair

Bought some of these in Target for a song…great when you have extra company

Use orange accessories for a pop of color: pillows, vases and florals can add a spark of color without a huge commitment color-wise or money-wise. With fall upon us, I find it even easier to bring this color inside. With dahlias, pumpkins, Chinese lanterns and mums available, it’s a cinch to add orange to your decorating plans.

an orange French vase on a fireplace hearth

orange flowers in a vase and orange artwork

an orange salmon colored dahlia

Orange You Glad It’s Fall? I Am!

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