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Orange Juice

By Blairbarnes

I had a horrible holiday weekend brunch to preface this…Today I went up to my table to ask if they would like a beverage and not only did the woman at my table answer the phone when I was speaking to them, she also shushed me. I then waited for the rest of their party to show up to approach again. As I watched her douchie husband approach with pastries and a huge orange juice in hand I immediately walked up and asked what beverages I could provide and he informed me that he had bought THE BEST orange juice next door and began to disperse it into his children’s as they poured out the water (on the patio floor) that we had provided them with already. BTW we fresh squeeze our orange juice from the same farmer’s market that the place next door gets their OJ. After that they demanded more water after the OJ they were drinking out of the water glasses that they had earlier poured out was gone. As they proceeded to eat the pastries they stated that they would only order a few entrees even though they were a party of 7…thanks pastries and OJ from next door. In addition I had to pick up 2 broken glasses and sop up the water under the table after they left.

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