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Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!

By Innstilettos
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!
I love the color orange!  As part of our color themed wedding series, I started getting excited to see how brides and grooms had intertwined non traditional colors into their weddings.
While orange might not be your color or perhaps not a hue you would select for the walk down the aisle, take a minute to look at some of the lovely ways some creative planners have managed to make this look nothing short of enchanting.
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!
Coming from the Northeast where the trees are breathtaking in the fall with all shades of autumn, orange almost seems like a natural selection.  When we think of this color we imagine it much like its namesake the fruit yet there are many intensities and shade variations you can choose.
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!
This very natural bouquet with a spray of roses and garden flowers is very subtly orange.
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!  Another great invitation by .  
There were many beautiful table settings showing off the beauty of this color so I selected a nighttime wedding possibility and one for the day as well.
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!  There are all different degrees from the very formal of the picture below to the loose and fun presentation of the candy bar shown above.Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!  
Orange For A Wedding? Yeah!A lovely wedding cake adorned in orange Tropicana roses...stunning.
Deborah Stilettos

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