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Opportune Learning for Young Learners in Staunton

By Tlb

Each young learner’s experience is different—different in the aspect of handling difficulties, pace in learning as they study English abroad, and even attitude of response towards the learning. For someone as shy and apprehensive as the young learner we will be detailing later on, she would really get to have complexity. Since language learning deals with socializing with other people to articulate communication, a shy person like Paola is the tended example we can illustrate, surely, she will have difficulties too.

Young Learners: soap bubble

Soap Bubble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paola Callejas


“She thinks she doesn’t know how to say ‘teacher’ in English,” says her father Gerardo, as he watches his shy daughter play with her three-year-old brother, Gerardo Jr. “But she does.”

It’s not that Paola doesn’t know English. She often corrects her parents on grammar and pronunciation. But Spanish is comfortable and English is new.


It’s really kind of challenging for a young person that she will be crossing from her Spanish native language to another foreign idiom. If only all people are socially inclined, sanguine, and willing to speak the target language at all times, it would have been easier; but for someone who is timid as Paola, it will be limited.


She actually has undergone an incredible learning when various courses were given the vast opportunity to learn English language. Since she is one of those from Staunton, she was given the opportunity to take English foreign language courses.


So it is indeed opportune for those who are able to learn English prior from their native language. Isn’t this your best opportunity to learn English as well? Make some time to inquire.


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