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Opinions Or Facts?

By Latoya @latoyallawrence

864739_elegant_hallwayAny one can make a judgment. People do it all of the time. Even if what they base their impressions on is unreasonable.

Many people do tend to generalize then make assumptions without actually getting to know the character of a person. Which is sometimes wrong. Individuals erroneously read other people and situations frequently. It is not always wise to act out in haste yet it is done on numerous occasion.

People will judge a person by the company that they keep. By the rumors that they may have heard. By the amount of money that that person may have and the material possessions that they may own. By the way that they look or dress, and so on.

None of which circumstances call for a definite affirmation as to anything that is concrete. Unless one takes it upon them self to dig further and deeper into a particular situation.

Still some people choose to not listen or learn. They do not want to hear anything other than the opinion which they have formed up in their mind.

Yes, there is, and will always be, those pigheaded difficult people who cause us to classify them as being ignorant, however, we all can be a little lacking in areas of knowledge regarding certain situations.

Aside from the instance of taking things by semblance (face value) or influence we should evaluate and recognize when exceptions are required to be made.

What if the conclusions that we draw up originate from insight and experience? Does that still make our determinations more of an opinion rather than just mere fact?

We all get hunches, gut feelings that most of the time turn out to be right if we just trust in them with an assurance.

Some of us have the gifts of insight. And some of us just know our own wit by gathering much experience throughout the years of interaction between the many different types of people that are in the world.

A lot of people do not like to be figured out. Especially when they are in the wrong. They cannot stand to get caught up in their own iniquities. They get mad then resent the person who may have exposed them and their schemes. And they then desire to retaliate.

That is where the sickness comes in.

The people in particular know that they are wrong within their circumstance but place blame on the one that was able to detect what they were about.

When some people are justifiably judged or criticized harshly they prefer to ease their minds by going into denial. Accepting their personal or general impressionable views as nothing more than bias opinions. With no inch of truth.

Whether some people like it or not. Whether some people want to hear it or not. Opinions based on experience and substantial verified claim can without a doubt be considered as a fact.

Experience is a teacher. Experience is real. And that is just not my opinion. It is the most convincing fact of life.

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