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Opinion Battles Round 10 – Favourite X-Men Character

By Newguy

Opinion Battles Round 10

Favourite X-Men Character

To celebrate the release of X-Men Apocalypse we are going to look into the confusing world of X-Men and pick out our favorite character from the franchise world.

If you want to take part in the next round we are going to look at our Favourite Johnny Depp Character, if you want to enter email [email protected] by the 29th May 2016.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101



Deadpool has become my favorite superhero film of the modern universes because we got to see a character that knows we are watching him and plays into our hands. The character himself is hilarious throughout and can handle himself in a fight. We know we get plenty of popular culture references whenever he is on the screen too. 

Kim – Tranquil Dreams




While this might sound like a really generic choice, I’m not too acquainted with the X-Men universe.  The ladies are pretty impressive but Logan has a really decent back story that makes him Wolverine and kind of like the secondary leader of the group. He definitely strengthens the X-Men group. 

Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews




Nightcrawler doesn’t get much screen time in the films, only appearing in X2: X-Men United and this summer’s X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, but I think the opening scene when he is infiltrating the White House in X2 is enough to show how much of a badass he can be.  Nightcrawler has the powers of teleporting short distances which he utilizes to its fullest potential.  He went through many hardships in his home country of Germany due to his appearance so he turned to his faith for support and is a very religious man.  Because of his trials, he is very kind towards those around him and supportive of all mutants.  I’m excited to see Nightcrawler in an X-Men movie again because he is one of the most awesome members of the team and had so much potential to be one of their strongest members.

Richard – The Humpo Show



Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite actors, and he has made himself synonymous with Wolverine. There is a extensive catalog of films to watch Wolverine in and probably his longevity has influenced my decision in picking him, but he has performed his role as Wolverine perfectly and when Jackman finally hangs up the claws it’ll be a sad day. 

Cinema Parrot Disco

Professor Charles Francis Xavier


Why? Well, kind of the same reason why I picked Iron Man for my favorite Marvel character: I just LOVE Patrick Stewart!😉 Seriously – he’s the DUDE. I’ve loved him ever since Star Trek: The Next Generation. Plus, I adore his bromance with Ian McKellen. So, therefore, I love his Professor X. I don’t read comics so only know of the characters in the X-Men films anyway. I’m superheroed-out but do like the X-Men characters. There are lots of good ones to choose from but, for me, it’ll always be Stewart’s Professor X. 

Rob – Movie Rob



Once again, my choice is an easy one.  I just love Quicksilver from X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) (not the somewhat lame other one in The Avengers).

He has a great cocky teenager attitude that believes he is truly invincible and can do whatever he wants and also knows how to have fun while doing it.  The iconic scene in the vault is shot amazingly and really highlights both his powers and his personality

Emma – Emma Explains It All

Magneto / Erik Lehnsherr



The X-Men films are my favorite comic book movie franchise (and by that I mean they’re the only ones I really like). To be fair there’s a lot of cool characters to choose between but I had to go with Magneto in the end, partly because I love how he’s portrayed on-screen by both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender and partly because he’s a complex character who yes IS a baddie, but alsoisn’t a baddie. I love characters like that, dimensional people who have both good and bad in them. And as readers of my blog will know, I LOVE Magneto’s theme music in First Class!

Damien Riley – Riley Central

Professor X


Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, it doesn’t mean
they’re lost forever. Sometimes we all need a little help.”
―Charles Xavier (also known as Professor X)

I feel the above quote speaks volumes about the huge heart and soul of
this character from the XMen Universe. He’s a hero we all should have.
Professor X is my favorite mutant in the XMen Universe. He first
formed a group with the mutants extant in 1962 and throughout the
movies, he remains a benevolent and powerful force working toward the
good of mutants and mankind.

The two actors that play him, Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, do an
excellent job showing the physical traits of a mutant who endures
personal tragedy and pain for the good of the world.

Though he is reduced to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury, don’t be
fooled: he is no slouch when it comes to his own abilities. There is
so much I admire about Professor X. I find him to be altruistic,
powerful, humble, and an example of a true leader. It wouldn’t matter
how much power a mutant mad unless she/he could redirect it for good.
I think of the example of Wolverine as being a potential leader but
too controlled by anger. To some that may make him their favorite.
They may enjoy seeing him go ballistic and win smaller battles that
way. Professor X is a visionary and as his biggest fan, I can’t wait
to see where his amazing mind takes the story next.

Prudence – What About Movies




What makes Magneto so interesting. aside from having super cool powers, is his ideology which makes him not entirely a villain, and not entirely a hero either. His methods are clearly questionable but he has solid principles, borne not out of evil, but out of love for his fellow mutants. He is a holocaust victim and survivor. He has witnessed his people killed in the hands of the Nazis, and he is not willing to let that happen again to his fellow mutants. So now he is inclined to well, wipe out the humans, before the former does it to the mutants. I know, I know. This is not good. I myself am a human, and while I don’t want to be wiped out, his motivations and his principles at least makes sense considering his backstory. And like I said, while I don’t agree with it, I at least get where he is coming from. And let’s not forget that Magneto has awesome superpowers. I know magnetism sounds kinda lame on paper but considering that half the world is metal, bridges, cars, your cellphone, this computer. He can surely do some serious damage. And only Magneto can make that tacky-ass helmet look badass.

J – Film & Nuance

Raven Darkholme/Mystique


X-Men is my favorite superhero universe so naturally I’m really excited for this one

I remember watching it as a young child, fascinated by the X-Men II posters of cool looking mutants with somewhat dangerous and unsettling features. Though I love many of the mutants, Mystique is my favorite. It’s clear that from the recent reboot with first class and days of future past. The very nature of Mystique’s powers encompasses the inherent themes of X-men…the mutant’s struggles to identify themselves in larger society. Her ability to shapeshift into whatever form with whoever’s powers make her the master of disguise and an exceptional infiltrator/con-artist. And because her cells regenerate so fast, she virtually never ages. I’m no comic book expert, so this only comes from my limited knowledge of the X-men world.

But the thing that I love about Mystique is her capacity for boldness, and a sense of self that she holds so dearly. Often negotiating between her mutant appearance and human form, while constantly torn between her brand of justice, revenge, compassion and sacrifice (in recent depictions), I find Raven Darkholme/Mystique to be an extremely fascinating character. Whether she’s a tragic hero, a villain or possibly even a true heroic leader(from the trailer of apocalypse), Raven is a character who empathizes the most with the crises and discrimination that mutants face in society…often leading her good-willed intentions to heart-breaking consequences. As of late though, Raven has found more redemption which is really awesome. Here’s to the anti-hero! Prof X was a close second, but damn do I love Raven!

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Charles Xavier/Professor X



Considering how many characters have been successfully crammed into the X-Men’s movie world, the most constant would be the obvious choice for this battle, namely Wolverine, the only one to get two movies all his own. Yet while Hugh Jackman’s clawed hero is the muscle of the team, I think I prefer the mind and in some ways the heart of the X-Men, the team’s founder Charles Xavier/Professor X. Patrick Stewart embodied the wise and learned character in the original trilogy, and even if I can’t see the resemblance, James McAvoy made the role his own in the prequels. Charles has far more faith in humanity than antagonist and former friend Magneto and defends mutant and human rights alike from a protective position. His mental powers are also formidable, and thwarting them is often the first measure Magneto takes in his plotting. Professor X’s death was one of the great crimes of the third film, while seeing both old and young versions of the character together during an emotional turning point in Days of Future Past was one the best moments of the whole franchise.

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