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Operation Steal Kay Kay’s Heart

By Sherwoods
Kathleen has asked to contribute to the blog.  I warned her that she wasn't going to earn fame and glory because this blog will never go viral, but she still wanted to write for the blog.  She'll be periodically contributing, which is whenever she feels like it.  Blogging is not a required activity in our house.

Edwin is a very secretive person. He mostly keeps to himself, but has some interesting schemes. One of these is to get William into Kay Kay’s heart. To make William appear to the best advantage, Edwin dressed him in a velvet jacket with a tie and loafers. At first, the scheme didn’t appear to be making any progress. But this week, Kay Kay started to notice William. And why did Edwin want William in Kay Kay’s heart? Edwin adores William, and likes the attention that William gets around the world. But Kay Kay seemed more interested in 4-month-old Timothy, so Edwin devised this scheme to get William in the limelight of Kay Kay’s heart. We hope your brothers’ schemes are successful.

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