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Operation: Office Organization with Style + Dwell

By Francoisetmoi

Operation: Office Organization with Style + Dwell

I'm excited to share today's post because I was able to wrangle Ashley and Lindsay, the organizing duo behind Style + Dwell, over to my house to help me make sense of my OC office/guestroom. This room is where I do all my blog work: writing, DIY-ing, styling, and photography. We also have a Murphy bed at the opposite end of the room so this room also functions as a guest space too.

This space wears so many hats and there's just one tiny closet. I have quite a collection of craft/office supplies, styling accessories, and guest accoutrements, and nowhere to store it all. I'll wrap up one project and be onto the next, and without a dedicated place for everything, stuff just doesn't get put away. This room is a mess 99% of the time, and it just isn't working the way things are right now. SOS!

Below is a run down of the project. Make sure to scroll down to watch the VIDEO!

Operation: Office Organization with Style + Dwell
Operation: Office Organization with Style + Dwell

Right off the bat, Lindsay and Ashley had so many great ideas for this room. I was like, why didn't I think of that!

My Office Before:

  • Overflowing closet
  • Murphy bed storage not visually pleasing
  • Open Desk shelving not capitalized
  • Overall Not enough storage- Desk was always messy. Not enough places to put stuff. Would collect projects, and stuff would just get piled up.

Style + Dwell Key Organizing Strategies:

  • Take everything out and inventory/assess.
    • Group "like" things together
    • Donate any unwanted or no longer used items
  • When short on storage, put "pretty" things on display, and more utilitarian pieces in closed storage.
    • Pillows and fabric yardage at Murphy bed
    • Prop accessories on moveable cart at desk
    • Blanket ladder for blanket storage
  • Capitalize Desk Storage - Leather baskets on open desk shelving add deeper supply storage, and visual contrast against white walls

Operation: Office Organization with Style + Dwell

Lindsay and Ashley also added one of their custom acrylic message boards at my desk to help me get to-do lists out of my brain and up where I can see them. They even personalized my board to say 'Note to Self', at my request.

I'm so pleased with how much extra space I have in the closet now...who knew?! Adding the prop cart next to the desk freed up a ton of space on the Murphy bed shelving and inside the closet. Plus, the cart is on wheels so I can wheel it around the house with me if I'm shooting in another room.

Moving the pillows and fabric over to the Murphy bed shelving was such a simple swap with BIG impact. And finally, the faux leather storage bins added on the top shelf above the desk add a bit more storage and visual contrast against all the white. Now this space is actually pretty and orderly. I don't need my blinders in here on any more! Thanks Guys!

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Operation: Office Organization with Style Dwell

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