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Operation Fire Pit

By Kristy @mileydailyscoop
For those of you who don't know, our Dad is a pretty handy guy.
He can fix or build just about anything and I am always right there by his side...
Dad calls me his right-hand pup. I must admit, it's not an easy job.
He swears talks a lot and I really have no idea what he's saying.
He asks me lots of rhetorical questions, I just nod and give him a lick.
We make a great pair, we really do!!
Our most recent project was "operation fire pit". You may have caught a glimpse of it in my watermelon post.
Dad says if you don't have a 14 yr old, you should really get one, that way they can do all the hard labor.
I say you should get one because they are great for sneaking you snackies!!!
First we dug out all the grass and I had to make sure to sniff out EVERY piece of dirt...
Operation Fire Pit
Here I am taking a break, we take lots of breaks - Dad says it's a Union thing...
Operation Fire Pit
And here is the finished project...
Operation Fire Pit
Dad says he can't wait to roast some puppies....
Ummm, excuse me????

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