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Open Position for Joy Chsing Partner

By Chasingjoy @chasing_joy

Open Position for Joy Chsing Partner

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As I have mentioned in previous posts I am a single girl. I hope to marry and have children in the not to far future. Just got to find the right guy and that is not that simple. Some people are lucky to find there prince right away and others have to kiss a lot of frogs. I am making my way through the frogs.
But wouldn't it be nice if finding a mate was a simple as finding an employee. Put out a job description. Interested parties apply and you pick the best applicant. If the trial period goes well they are given a permanent status as boyfriend with opportunity to advance to fince and husband.
Here is what my job description for a boyfriend woud say:
Job Title: Boyfriend
Department/Group: Love /Romantic/ Personal Live
Travel Required: Occasionaly for vacations and family events.
Position Type: Full Time: On call 24/7 including weekends and holidays. Regular quality time and date nights (out and at home) required. Attendance is required at all important events.
Will Train Applicant(s): I will advise applicant on all my likes, dislikes, favorites, and deal breakers
Posting Expires: When position is filled by Mr. Right
Job Description: Friend, Partner, Companion, Man to Chase Joy with
Job Purpose: To share in the good and bad of life. To laugh together (and cry together but not too often) To support and encourage each other.
• Maintain a respectful demeanor in all circumstances
• Study my likes, dislikes, moods, values, and tolerances… i.e. get to know me
• Develop a good rapport with my mom and brother
• Develop a cordial rapport with my friends and extended family
• Willing to open doors, pull out chairs, carry heavy things, take out trash, kill bugs and demonstrate other gentlemanly qualities
• Maintain full time employment that provides sufficient income to cover All of applicant’s living experiences
• Offer assistance during times of difficulty experienced by girlfriend including but not limited to illness or injury, home or car maintenance, and snow removal
• Maintain open and honest communications at all time including and especially during times of stress.
• Other duties as assigned
• All job duties will be compensated with similar or reciprocal duties performed by me (girl friend)
• Honest, Loyal, Intelligent, Funny, Kind, Believes in God, Willing to attend Christian Church on occasion, Wants children in the future, Stable (Mentally, Emotionally, and Financially), Likes cats and dogs, Responsible, Hardworking, Confident, Open Minded, Affectionate
• Respect
• Kindness
• Affection
• Loyalty
• Support
• Fun
• Great opportunity for Love
• Possibility for advancement to Fiancé and Husband based up happiness and desires of both myself and applicant :-)
What would your Job Description for love say?

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