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Open Letter to My Kids: Please Ignore Canadian Tire's Father's Day Ad.

By Kenny Bodanis @KennyBodanis

Dear Kids,
It's almost Father's Day. Once again, other than Heather Reisman's intelligent reading suggestions, the majority of radio and television ads are recommending you buy me a power tool as a way of thanking me for being your dad.
You may have overheard a recent Canadian Tire ad on the radio, suggesting your hugs may be fine, but that they certainly don't compare to a brand new power tool.
I know you know better, but part of being a father is making sure you don't receive mixed signals, especially concerning my feelings towards you, or my priorities as a dad. 
I will never choose a reciprocating saw over one of your hugs; especially those special ones when you push me backwards onto the carpet in the den and bury your face in my neck while you're giggling.
I love those.
Don't ever bury a reciprocating saw in my neck, please. 
Perhaps the ad could have said: "We know your dad loves hugs; but he'd probably also love a belt sander!" But that would stray from the usual corporate Father's Day pattern of focusing on my janitorial skills, rather than those I've honed as a parent.

Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire Father's Day Sale items

In what is becoming an annual tradition, I want to reassure you the way to my heart is not with a circular saw.
I do love power tools, but not more than hugs.
The way to my heart is you.
The right tools just get the job done faster, and allow be to be with you that much quicker.  


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Open Letter to My Kids: Please Ignore Canadian Tire's Father's Day Ad.
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By Nick Robinson
posted on 12 June at 00:40

I was posting the comment below to my facebook page, and googled the ad for a picture to go with it, and this page came up. I'm glad I'm not the only Dad who puts the love of their child before material possessions! Hats off to all the Dads who value family over power tools! (or anything else). My fb post: i just want to say.. There's a 'Canadian Tire' radio commercial (Same as a 'White Store' for my USA friends) playing now for Father's Day, and it goes on about how "Dads could get a boring old hug, or a stick drawing from their kids, but nothing makes a Dad happier than Power Tools..." Well, Mr Corporate Conglomerate, I'll take a hug or personal drawing from my kids any day over some material item anytime and every time my kids want to give me one! Fathers Day or not! So sell your materialistic capitalist ideology to someone else who doesn't put family before material possessions, cause nothing can take the place of the love of my own children!