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Open Carry Folks Demonstrate at a Starbucks

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Mikeb302000
Local news reports
The Rev. said the first line of defense is a gun in the home not the police. But, couldn't there be an even earlier line of defense? By preventing the bad guys from getting guns in the first place, we'd all be better off.
Of course, the pro-gun folks have a lot invested in the lie that we can never prevent criminals from getting guns.  If that were true, they'd be right about the first line of defense.  But, it's not and they're wrong.
The other falsehood in this video is the very popular idea that more armed good guys is the answer. This comes from Wayne La Pierre and is repeated faithfully by the non-thinking dupes who follow his lead. The truth is that every single day we see lawful gun owners misusing their guns. I realize it's not most of them, but the numbers are too high to ignore. The more armed good guys we have the more of them turn out to be hidden criminals or mental cases or rageaholics.
Unless we implement sensible gun laws, first and foremost, universal background checks, things will never get significantly better.
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