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I learn something new about makeup every day, and I still don’t own a blending brush. I’ve perfected the ten-minute “this’ll have to do” look, which generally consists of winged eyeliner, a swath of lip something-or-other, and a hasty attempt at contouring blended with a kabuki brush. Until recently I didn’t own either compact in these images – so if you came here for a makeup tutorial, you’re on the wrong blog.


It was during my last stay in Seattle when my old Clinique compact fell to the floor and what was left of my perfect eyebrow shader shattered across the tile. In that moment I realized that I hadn’t actually purchased an eyeshadow or contouring palette for myself in at least four years, and I was simultaneously invigorated with shopping energy and grossed out by the fact that the same stuff touched my face for god knows how many days in a row. There and then I decided to buy new makeup, mainly a palette of neutral eyeshadows and an all-in-one kit that could maybe hopefully teach me how to contour my face and make my already high cheekbones like Angelina Jolie’s (she is forever my favorite Hollywood face). So I went out and bought these nice neutrals from Clinique and Pixi and, while I am far from perfecting the art of face shaping, I’m quite happy with the increase in options in my daily routine.

So why “opalescence”? Well, ever since my boyfriend bought me this large fire opal ring for my 21st birthday (opal is my birthstone and we just happened upon it while walking on Queen street on my birthday!), I’ve been on a bit of an opal binge. I bought these two more delicate ones from a stall in Pike Place Market, and since I started wearing the more rosy shades of these eyeshadows I’ve had a lot more comments on my eyes, some people asking me if they were contact lenses and telling me they looked like opals.


Bonus shot: the nail polish I’m wearing here is “Swan Street” by Nails Inc. It’s a pale, icy blue with a teeny hint of warmth and I am totally in love with it.


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