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Oodie on the Mend

By Umkhaloodie

Two nights ago we had to take Oodie to the E.R. His temperature spiked to 39.9 and that was with panadol and Ibrufen being alternated. Sometimes the medicine and lukewarm baths, sponge baths and water just don’t work.
How do we know when it is time for hospital?
We let Oodie go one day with this temp- after 24 hours with no decrease we decided enough was enough.
He has been fighting flu for two weeks- for whatever reason he just couldn’t fight it anymore on his own.
We are now day 3 post hospital visit and four injections later and the fever is gone. We still have runny nose and chest/throat infection.
I did wonder was it swine flu but the doctor insisted it wasn’t… That was without the swab test.
Hoping this cold gets better quickly.
Lots of hot orange and honey to be had over the next few days.

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