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Onwards and Upwards

By Blueoctober @blueoctober__
onwards and upwards
1. NewLook trousers 2. Dad's new wheelz 3. Packed up all my makeup and jewelry bar the essentials 4. Such a cutie 5. Gonna miss my Mum's cooking! 6. The boy and a scared looking pooch 7. Dimsum with the boy 8. Followed by lots of starters (no mains don't worry!) 9. Third ring to add to my stack 10. Slutty brownies 11. The seven of us 12. Outfit snapsSo this weekend has been a funny one. As you may have read on the blog and/or twitter, I was meant to move in with the boy last Friday. Due to a mis-detected electrical fault (so angry with the electric board and the contractors!) we weren't able to move into the flat over the Bank Holiday weekend. Gutted doesn't even come close! We had made no plans for the Jubilee weekend at all, apart from seeing my family on the Saturday to scatter my Nan's ashes. The day was lovely, albeit sad, but a great send off for my absolutely gorgeous Nan. Following that, we realised we had no plans at all and quickly became very bored. Couple that with resentment over not moving, and it hasn't been the best weekend! We haven't been able to do anything particularly exciting as we are on a tight moving budget, so it has mostly involved staying in and seeing a few friends. Luckily the fault has now been detected and fixed, and we should be moving in the next couple of days. So, no jubilee celebrations for us, boo... felt a bit like a four day weekend wasted! Onwards and upwards...I feel this post needs a little jubilee love, even if I didn't get to celebrate this weekend. Here is my fave snap from Pinterest!onwards and upwards

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