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Only Unfiltered Internet is Allowed for Surfing

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Kikar Shabbat, a Haredi news site, has come up with a new way of generating advertising revenue, and it is by accusing some readers of theft.
When surfing to the Kikar Shabbat website yesterday I received an unusual popup message. It said that the system has detected that I am using ad-blocker software to block their advertisements. The notice adds that I am trying to surf the Kikar website while transgressing an issur d'oraita.
Only Unfiltered Internet is allowed for surfing
That is pretty serious stuff.
On the one hand the entire Internet is assur, on the other hand using the Internet without seeing Kikar ads is also assur. damned if you do, damned if you don't!
The message offered two options to the surfer - one button offered instructions for disabling the ad-blocker. The other button stated "I want to continue to steal".
I clicked on both buttons out of curiosity. Clicking on the "cancel ad blocker" button took me to a page with instructions how to exclude their site. Clicking on the "I want to steal" button yesterday took me to a page to fill out a form for interest in vocational courses and Nahal Haredi. Today they changed it and it takes me to a page explaining why it is theft, and then brings sources for how serious a transgression theft is.
Only Unfiltered Internet is allowed for surfing
Pretty serious stuff.
it seems using filters is assur. I guess they are promoting unfiltered internet. I wonder which gadol this charedi-oriented website asked about this...
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