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Only The Strong Survive

By Kate_miller
Only The Strong Survive
Hello. I'm the hardest working rose in the flower business.
I survived all last summer, in record heat, in a high plains desert.. without humans watering me.
* That torture wasn't intentional. The sprinkler system was turned off and nobody informed the awol gardener.
Only The Strong Survive
As much as I love to garden, I just can't stand wimpy perennials. You never know what could happen. Like me moving away for 4 years and leaving the plants to their own devices.
Gives new meaning to that phrase: Only The Strong Survive.
* I was absolutely astonished to see that they did survive. 'They' as in the half dozen John Cabot Rose Bushes living here, doing fine and dandy, without me. A rose by any other name, would be long gone by now...
John Cabot Rose, Explorer Series, Blooms all summer, until first frost.
💟   Waterwise conditions happen over time. These beauties were planted 8 years ago. New plants require lots o' TLC.

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