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Posted on the 23 November 2011 by Mikeb302000
Dogster offers the following advice:
Be Safe While Hiking During Hunting Season
by Casey Lomonaco (KPA CTP, APDT), proprietor Rewarding Behaviors Dog Training
It's now hunting season in many areas of the country. To keep your dog safe during hikes in the woods, it is always best to stick to property you know is safe and/or posted.
If you must go hiking in areas where you may run into hunters, both you and your dog should wear bright, non-natural colors. Jackets in fluorescent orange are available for dogs and give visual cues to hunters that your pup is not a deer or turkey!
Yes, and also the humans should wear orange as well so some trigger happy cretin doesn't pop them as well. Don't think that happens? Just google "Hiker shot".
What about people's ability to go hiking in peace without being shot?
"Gun Rights"--what a fucking stupid idea. It's even more idiotic that people can be conned into believing it!

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