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Online Marketing Tools: Analytics, SEO, and Social

Posted on the 13 May 2013 by Georgestevens @Nebstone
Marketing Tools

Organising your online marketing campaigns, keeping on top of your data and marketing channels, and developing an SEO strategy to go with it all can be a difficult task, particularly if it’s just one or two of you running the whole thing. Making sure you’ve got access to some of the best tools will make the whole process so much easier to manage and track. You may find just what you’re looking for in the selection of tools below…..

Analytics and Social Tools

Topsy: Social Analytics

Topsy provides a great social analytics platform. Find out what topics are trending through searching and comparing Twitter mentions over different timescales and measure what kind of sentiment is attached to these topics. See what topics are hot across different Geographic locations enabling you to target your campaigns at the most relevant and current audience.

Price: Free at basic level, option for paid pro account.

TweetDeck: Twitter Scheduling

Sending out tweets to your social following may play an integral role within your marketing campaigns. So going offline for 12 hours a day, or disappearing on holiday for a week may mean losing out on traffic. With TweetDeck you can schedule your tweets to suit your audience and perhaps to match the time of day you’ve found tweets to be most effective.

Price: Free

Optimizely: Website Analytics

Optimizely allows easily managed A/B testing. You can track just about anything and see how changing colours of buttons and page layouts can suddenly increase your clicks, conversions, and interactions.

Price: Numerous plans starting from $17/month.

SEO Tools

Image Raider: Monitor Stolen Images

Image Raider provides opportunity to find websites which owe you a link. This tool detects whether your images are being used across the web, and if so it can tell you where. All you have to do then is request a link citing your website as the image source, and you’ve built an easy backlink.

Price: Charged upon usage (every time you check for stolen images, you are charged a fee).

Slideshare: Content Marketing

Slideshare allows you to upload slides and presentations to the internet for all to see. This could play a role in your content marketing strategy, and Slideshare’s high domain authority means your content can rank highly and reach a wide audience.

Price: Free at a very basic level. Packages start from £19/month.

Kapost: Content Marketing

Kapost provides an excellent platform for content marketing management. Manage distribution, discover what content works and what doesn’t with analytics, and set up content marketing automation to keep things running smoothly. This tool is really for more advanced users, and the price reflects that….

Price: packages start from $1,200/month.

Author-Rank: SEO/Content Marketing

This tool allows you to find out information on authors across the web using Google+. Since Google has introduced authorship and as Google+ becomes an increasing player in SEO, it is useful to know who the key influencers are, and whether their work carries high trust signals with Google.

Price: £99/month

Broken Link Index: SEO

Broken Link Index searches for broken links across the web for specified keywords. You can use this tool as an easy link building technique. Once you’ve found broken links that relate to the pages on your website you can contact the owner of the broken link, point out it is broken, and suggest they link to one of your relevant pages.

Price: Free

Check My Links: SEO/Website Performance

This simple extension is very easy to install and allows you to quickly run a check on your webpages to make sure all of your links are working.

Price: Free

SEOmoz: SEO/Insight

SEOmoz provides numerous useful tools for SEO and social. Open Site explorer allows you to analyze your backlink profile while other tools allow you to track your rankings, and analyze your website for SEO optimisation. Fresh Web Explorer is a relatively new tool which shows recent mentions of specified keywords and where these mentions are coming from. This means you can identify changing trends and surges in activity with potential for manipulation.

Price: Free at basic level. Paid packages start form $99/month.

DeepCrawl: Onsite SEO

A lot of the time errors can go unnoticed for long periods of time which can lead to reduced website performance. DeepCrawl highlights any errors or issues with your website which could be affecting user experience and SEO.

Price: Varied

Wistia: Website Video Performance

Wistia ensures any videos used on your website are formatted properly for display in the search engine results, and optimised for performance on any device.

Price: Free at basic level. Packages start at $20/month

Other Tools

If the above tools are perhaps a bit advanced or pricey for you, have a look at a more basic set of analytics and SEO tools.

We also have a few simple free web tools here at Nebstone including a bulk email sender, icon creator, and bandwidth monitor.

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