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Online Casino Fraud Prevention

Posted on the 06 September 2017 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

Even though online gambling is a legal and recognized industry in the European Union, many players are afraid to be cheated when gambling for real money, so they pay lots of attention to online casino fraud prevention. In fact, many stories are circulating about players who report that their money has not been paid or that they have not been properly treated in another way.

Certainly, there is a black sheep at online casinos, like everywhere where money is in the game. It is, however, relatively simple to recognize reputable casinos by means of a few properties. This allows players to easily prevent online casino fraud.

How do you recognize online casino fraud prevention?

The following points can be considered as a checklist for a secure casino in which you do not have to be afraid of fraud as a player, so you’d better concentrate on online casino fraud prevention. In addition, all casinos presented on this page are reputable and safe.

If all of the following points are not true for a casino, be very careful. It is then better to move to another casino, because what is the best bonus offer if you do not get paid your money?

The following points are essential for a secure casino:

  • A valid license for The United Kingdom and the European Union
  • Sensitive data is transmitted encrypted and further technical security is ensured
  • The casino uses software of a reputable provider in its games
  • The software and the games are regularly checked statistically
  • Bonus and withdrawal terms are called transparent by the casino and displayed in a comprehensive manner
  • Past games and player’s results can be viewed at any time by the player
  • The processing of disbursements is described on the page and possible security checks are explained
  • All games can be tested free of charge
  • The casino has a customer support facility that is easy and free to access and which also responds to the potential problems of the players
  • Active players express themselves in the net positive about the casino – fraud allegations can be exhausted by the action of the casino

A valid license for The UK and the European Union

A casino on the Internet must always have a valid license. A license is valid for the whole European Union when issued in a Member State. Fortune licenses in Europe are often awarded in Gibraltar and Malta.

A vendor will immediately indicate on the homepage that he has an appropriate license. Often there is also a link to the authority that issued the license.

Other points that distinguish a reputable casino are membership in trade associations, such as the “Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association”, the GBGA. Also, the terms and conditions of a casino should be easy for the player to find and understandable to be read.

Online casino fraud prevention

Technical security in the casino is guaranteed

It goes without saying that in a serious casino, the technical security must be given at all times. This starts with the encryption of sensitive data, such as credit card data. One possibility for such encryption is, for example, SSL / TLS certificates. Also, only secure payment methods may be offered. This includes, for example, PayPal, which has also been audited by TUV.

Furthermore, the casino should use only software from established manufacturers for its games. This software must also be checked regularly. In such a check, it is determined, for example, whether the random number generator works correctly in a game and also indicates random events.

In the online gambling industry, there are tests and quality seals that confirm the results of such tests. This includes, for example, the GLI “Gaming Laboratories International” certificate.

Among the well-known companies in the field of online gambling are, for example, Novomatic, Merkur, SkillonNet, Microgaming, Playtech and Netent. Software from these vendors is among the best in the industry.

Transparent bonus and payment terms

Nearly all casinos offer new customers bonuses. Here, the player, in addition to the money he pays, is given a bonus of game capital. The payout of the bonus is not directly possible, instead, the entire sum must first be used for playing in the casino. Pay attention to it to assure online casino fraud prevention.

It is only when certain sales conditions are met that the amount can be paid out. This procedure is standard for all casinos. However, the respective conditions should be comprehensible formulated by the supplier and easily identifiable.

The expiration of a withdrawal must also be traceable to the customer. A payout is often associated with a processing time of a few days. One reason for this is, for example, that many gambling companies are based abroad. Therefore an international transaction is necessary so that a British player can get the money to his account. Here, too, the exact course and duration of a possible disbursement should be transparently communicated in order to counter the suspicion of a possible fraud.

Furthermore, a casino should communicate its payout ratio openly. This rate indicates how much percent of all players’ deposits are again distributed as winnings. For online casinos, this amount is considerably higher than with classic casinos. The payout ratio for online casinos is in many cases over 90%, sometimes even over 95%. This rate should be communicated by the casino and confirmed by an independent auditing authority.

A game money mode is available and past results are logged

Before paying any money on a page, you should be able to test them extensively. For this, a mode is offered in which you only pay with game money. This should also be possible indefinitely.

In addition, the results of past games must be recorded. They can then be viewed at any time for the player. Thus, the latter can check how much time and money he actually spent on playing.

Active customer support

If there is a problem for the player, he must be able to quickly and easily reach the customer support of the site. It is also important that this is accessible free of charge. In addition to the contact via e-mail or telephone, a live chat with the employees of the customer service is also common.

The opinion of active players

What active players on a page think about the platform is certainly one of the most meaningful points. Many players will not comment as long as they are satisfied. Only in the case of complaints and problems will they give vent to their anger. This should be considered when looking for the experience of players with a certain casino site in the net to assure online casino fraud prevention.

Some negative comments also refer to problems or circumstances for which the casino is not responsible. This can be the case, for example, if a player complains about the long duration of a payout.

How can a player still try to prevent fraud in the online casino?

If the casino has all the features described above, you can be very sure that you will not be deceived. For particularly cautious players, the following procedure may be worthwhile before a large amount of money is paid into the game account.

Online casino fraud prevention

Try the casino money or fun mode

At all the big casinos you can play as a player without the deposit of real money. So it is possible to test all the games for online casino fraud prevention. In this step, a player can first determine whether the offered games meet his taste and he wants to register at all on the platform.

Make a small deposit into the casino

In the next step, the player can make a small deposit into his game account. Here he can check whether this is processed correctly and his game account is available.

In many casinos, a bonus is given to this first deposit. A player should decide whether to accept this bonus or not. With a bonus are always certain payment conditions connected. These should be known to the player. If he does not want to make his deposit dependent on these conditions, he should refrain from the bonus.

Try the casino with real money

Afterwards, the money paid should be used to test the casino for online casino fraud prevention and the offered games extensively. The player can not only learn about the game environment under real conditions but can also test whether there is a suspicion of manipulated software. This would be the case if the results are not accidental, but are manipulated in favour of the casino.

However, you should not rely on your feeling here, but look at the results of many round times and also be able to interpret them statistically.

Make a withdrawal

If the player is convinced that the casino is all right, the next step, he can make a payment of this amount. If the bonus on the deposit was not chosen, this should be very easy. If the bonus has been chosen, a withdrawal can only be applied if the bonus conditions are met. This has nothing to do with fraud, but is standard in all online casinos.

The payout of money is, of course, the tricky point when checking whether an online casino wants to cheat a player. If the amount is disbursed, you can be very sure that everything is right here.

If you have problems or suspect fraud, you might want to create a screenshot. With this, a certain material content can be explained much more easily later. In most cases, it will have been a misunderstanding.

Conclusion: There are many reputable online casinos

A player can simply check whether a casino is secure and fair and thus assure online casino fraud prevention. A provider who has fulfilled all of the above characteristics and has been extensively tested by the player is most likely a serious online casino. If, however, one of the above points is missing, just cautious players should rather take distance from the platform. Although in many cases the healthy understanding of the human being is sufficient to determine the seriousness of a page, there are enough providers in the network who can fulfill all of the above criteria.

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