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Ongoing Prophetic Fulfillment of Peter's Prediction of False Teachers

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata
I have studied the last days prophecies since almost the moment I was born-again. It was obviously and most certainly the niche the Holy Spirit placed me in. I have an earnest and never-quenching desire to learn the word of God, and especially to learn the prophecies in the word of God.
Often when people hear about prophecy, they think of the prominent ones, like the rapture, the Tribulation (AKA Time of Jacob's Trouble), or the antichrist.
We are in the midst of a last days prophecy being fulfilled. Before I continue explaining which one, I want to make clear that the last days began with the ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit. This opened the Age of Grace. However, the Age of Grace is a period which is foretold to be like birth pangs and to hurtle toward its climactic and chaotic conclusion at Armageddon and the coming of Jesus Christ the second time. As a pregnancy gestates and then concludes, the water breaks and the pains come, at first far apart but then closer together and in more painful and bloody form until the new birth arrives. The new birth is the Kingdom on earth AKA the Millennium Era.
So we have been in the last days for 2000 years. However the prophecies foretold of events occurring at the last 7 years necessitate Israel being reformed, globally instant telecommunications, technologies which support the mark of the beast, Damascus being destroyed, the rise of Russia, etc. and we see infrastructure that align with those prophecies now. Therefore we know that the rapture is even closer and the other prophecies which are not as prominent are being readied to be fulfilled and are being fulfilled in the present day and moment.
The prophecies I'm speaking of today which I see being fulfilled, are 2 Peter 2:1-2 and 2 Peter 2:3. Here they are

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

GA pastor Creflo Dollar's house

"But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. And many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of truth will be blasphemed." (2 Peter 2:1-2)
"And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep." (2 Peter 2:3)
Please note that Peter makes a distinction between the times of old when false prophets trampled the way of God, and today when Peter says false teachers are the ones to watch out for.
Secondly, note that Peter says false teachers will be "among you." Jesus warned they will wear sheep's clothing. (Matthew 7:15). When you put on clothes in the morning, you're hiding the flesh, hiding who you are, covering up. These prophesied false teachers will not be immediately evident as false. They will be among the believers, and they will not be teaching not spouting easily identifiable false teachings at first. They are double agents, infiltrating inside to do their deathly work.
Third, note that Peter said they will secretly bring destructive heresies. They will hold secret blasphemies in their heart, and these heresies and blasphemies will slowly and gradually filter out and permeate the faithful. The false teachers spout poison gas. They don't spout cyanide or sarin gas, because in using the metaphor, those odorless and colorless gasses kill instantly. No, these false teachers spout carbon monoxide, which takes a while to do its deadly work, lulls the unwary to sleep, and then death comes. "Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs after enough inhalation of carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but, being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and initially non-irritating, it is very difficult for people to detect. Symptoms of mild acute poisoning include lightheadedness, confusion, headaches, vertigo, and flu-like effects; larger exposures can lead to significant toxicity of the central nervous system and heart, and even death." (source)
See? It takes a while to build up in the bloodstream, but all the while the poison is in your blood it is warping your mind and causing you to not be able to think straight. And note that carbon monoxide poison is "initially" non-irritating. This is exactly how false teachers operate. Eventually the poison's buildup reaches its critical mass and you fall spiritually.

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

Beth Moore (and others) at Passion 2012
performing the Catholic mystical Lectio Divina (source)

Fourth, the verse says that followers of the false teachers are in fact following their sensuality. The prosperity gospel false teachers promote the original sin that satan offered Eve, which was lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh. (Genesis 3:6).
My contention is that false teachers and acceptance of their teachings are becoming so common that it's obvious the prophecy is being fulfilled now, today.
There are so many false teachers who are obvious and rank heretics, but masses and multitudes of 'Christians' follow them. Have they all gone mad? Yes. The carbon monoxide buildup in the blood has almost reached its death point. Let's look at some real examples.
Joseph Smith was the founder of Mormonism (Latter Day Saints). He lived from 1805 to 1844. In his day, he was seen as a madman, a heretic, and a false teacher. From the beginning, Joseph Smith and his followers provoked ridicule for Mormonism's seemingly magical if not superstitious origins, and opposition as a heresy that dared to claim itself "the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth." (source)
Though he had gained a few thousand converts, once a newspaper article was published exposing his promotion of polygamy and other aberrant "Christian" doctrines, this caused him to be jailed and even then, an angry mob stormed the jail and killed him outright. The men of the area were outraged at Smith's corruption of marriage, sullying of women by seducing them into polygamy, and exaltation doctrine (humans become gods). Of course I don't advocate lynching, but it is interesting to note that false prophet Joseph Smith's blasphemies caused outrage and action. Today we are told to tolerate them.
The United States Congress opposed Mormonism in the form of vigorous opposition to their main tenet at that time: plural marriage. This battle squelched Mormonism's growth for a long time. By the 1890s the Latter Day Saints movement banned plural marriage so as to escape this opposition in political and secular quarters.
So how does a ridiculed and obviously ridiculous religion in the 1840s, with a disgraced and dead founder, grow in size to 14 million members today?

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

Joseph Smith,
1st Pres. of Latter Day Saints

After Smith's death, the cult selected Brigham Young as its leader, and they regrouped, trekked out to Utah's desert, and became insular and economically self-sufficient. When they finally relinquished its stance on polygamy in the late 1800s, they became poised to grow. Even at that, "Throughout the nineteenth century and most of the twentieth, Mormonism has been viewed as an aberrant, bizarre, isolated, and largely self-contained religious movement cut off from the mainstream of American society."
Until recently. How is it that a hundred and fifty years ago, an aberrant cult poised to die in the desert, can become the fastest growing faith sector in the United States today?
This 2012 study states there are "reported 2 million new adherents and new congregations in 295 counties where they didn't exist a decade ago, making them the fastest-growing group in the U.S."
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children." (Hosea 4:6)
In the 1800s, people knew their bible. They could not be fooled. And they not only knew their bible, they lived it, so they could not be drawn away into spiritual lusts like exaltation and fleshly lusts like polygamy. Not so today.

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

Joyce Meyer used to travel in this Canadair Challenger 600S;
seen here in Sydney, when she was speaker at Hillsong, '05.
Since then she's gotten a Gulfstream G-IV. Source Wiki

Today, people are so foolish they are exploited at every turn. The Charismatics are bursting on the scene so fast that they make the Mormon's growth over a hundred years look like a turtle's.
For example, Charismatic preacher and heaven tourist Jesse Duplantis has fooled his congregation so well they built him a 34,000 s.f. parsonage. Joyce Meyer fools the deceived so well they give her a jet and multiple homes. Jentezen Franklin supposedly pastors two churches, one in GA and one in CA. In order to get from one to the other on Sundays, his congregation gave him a jet.
"And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep." (2 Peter 2:3)
And now the people will believe almost anything. They believe Beth Moore when she says Jesus spoke to her in a vision and told her to teach that the bride is doesn't believe in Jesus. They believe that barking like a dog in worship is holy. They believe Sarah Young has Jesus Calling on the phone line. They believe Don Piper spent 90 minutes in a heaven where he 'saw' people in actual bodies (Remember, no one in heaven has a glorified body yet!). They believe four-year-old Colton Burpo when he (or his father) say that everyone in heaven has wings and Jesus rides a rainbow horse. They believe that drawing a circle on the ground and sitting in it makes you spiritual. They believe "worshiping" to songs like Highway to Hell and Michael Jackson's Thriller is, well, worship. They believe they are living their best life now. For most of them, they are right. Things will only get worse for them after death.
"The lips of the righteous nourish many, but fools die for lack of sense." (Proverbs 10:21)

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

Most don't even look for truth anymore,
but just for "encounters", most of which are unbiblical

Lack of discernment is the biggest problem in the church today. Personally, I believe we have passed a tipping point. Now that satan knows how many lack discernment, he is flooding the church buildings, the bookstores, and the television with false teachers and the gullible who don't know better are building up carbon monoxide by the bucketfuls. To cement his position, satan is teaching that "doctrine" and "theology" are dirty words and all you need is an "encounter" with God. Satan has sifted the wheat and planted enough tares so that that today's Christian church looks exactly like the chaotic and ridiculous church at Corinth that Paul rebuked.
"They shall teach my people the difference between the holy and the common, and show them how to distinguish between the unclean and the clean." (Ezekiel 44:23)
Pastors no longer fulfill their duties as overseers. Pulpit Commentary explains the Ezekiel verse above where there were four fundamental duties of the OT priests, three of them relevant to pastors today
Education: "The education of the people in the fundamental principles of their religion, viz. that a distinction existed between the "holy" and "profane," or "common," 
False teachers today deliberately blur that line, teaching that it is 'tolerant' and 'loving' to accept all teachers and doctrines, and thus they blur the theological lines and Christian distinctives.
Discernment: "and in the practical application of that principle, the art of discerning between the "unclean" and the "clean."
In promoting that dreams and visions should be expected of the "sincere" Charismatic person, that extra-biblical revelation via audible encounters or tongues should be common to their faith, they in effect teach that the bible is not sufficient and the word can and should be added to. Without the word, no one knows what is true and what is not. There is little discernment any more.
Church Discipline: "The administration of justice in all disputes arising out of and connected with the practices of their religion. 
Some true sheep are no longer willing to do the hard work of protecting the body by confronting false ones in the congregation. Or, Pharisee overseers use church discipline as an excuse to rid themselves of the faithful discerning sheep, leaving them space to operate among the goats they attract. (John 7:13, John 9:22)
In other words, pastors abandoned their duties, and the sensuous people, all too willing to follow their lusts, accept false teaching readily. 

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

Jentezen Franklin has mastered the trick of being in two places at once.

Ongoing prophetic fulfillment of Peter's prediction of false teachers

All you need is a jet and a rich congregation to pay for the jet, pilot, and fuel.
Every Sunday.

"For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough." (2 Corinthians 11:4)
The very fact that a Strange Fire conference rebuking the Charismatic movement was necessary in the first place is indicative of the prophecy's continuing and rapidly advancing fulfillment.
The antidote to carbon monoxide poisoning is to wear a filter that keeps your head clear of the poison. That mask is the bible. Breathing the holy air of truth will always fill your brain and your lungs and your body with a freshness that keeps your mind clear and heart pure.
Meanwhile, know that even as these false teachers are coming on like a flood, Jesus was kind and gracious to tell us in advance. (Matthew 24:25). As we see the flood of falsity and the tragedy of so many who fall, cling to Him who is our faith (Hebrews 12:2)... and soon will be sight. (Luke 21:28)
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