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One Word 2014 - Victory

By Doulalovelou
Picture It's safe to say that the inspiration to write has been lacking of late. Life has been busy & while I could technically make the time to write, I haven't really felt like it.
As 2013 came to a close I remembered briefly that I was "supposed" to write a recap of my One Word which was release. And even though 2013 was definitely a year of release, I honestly had no desire to sit down & recap my year. I mean, it was a good year. A lot of great things happened, a lot of new things came about and a lot of old things faded away. God was good in 2013, as He always is and my relationship with Him grew in ways I couldn't have predicted. Despite all that, a recap didn't seem necessary because a year of release meant not looking back & dwelling on the past... even if most of it was good.
As New Years Eve rolled around I already had my word for 2014. I already had my goals set, my vision board posted, and my lists made. I was ahead of the game, but still no desire to write about it.
Until today.
Today I sat down with a new devotional and a new journal. I scrolled through the first few days of the devotional on my Kindle to catch up & landed on January 4th. Something made me stop there... Written there were Beth Moore's poetic words "Like Moses, we will scale the heights this year to gaze over into the promised land, the land of freedom and splendor. But unlike Moses, we ill have the opportunity to cross over and live there."
IF that's not a perfect hope & expectation for the new year I don't know what is. Those 2 simple sentences gave me such a sense of peace and filled my spirit with such hope.
Scrolling further I reached January 6th. Today's devotional. And again something struck me. I scanned through the first lines and noticed my word. The one that had been in my heart & head for weeks. "Obedient lives flow from obedient days, and victorious lives flow from victorious days. Likewise, constructive lives flow from constructive days, built on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ."
VICTORY. A simple noun yet such a powerful word. A word that describes triumph and defeating ones enemy. A word that encompasses the positive outcome of battle waged with faith & hope. But more then that a victory equals finality.
God is my victory and through Him this will be a victorious year. He has given me an amazing vision and in that vision I see many, many things. What exactly that vision entails is buried in my heart at the moment. An expectant heart that is waiting on Jesus to bring about the fulfillment of His plan for my life. It is there and I am hopeful.

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