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One-way Ticket. {part 1}

By Sydneygrace @SydneyGrace121

I’m a native Californian. A city right smack dab between San Fransico and Sacramento is where I was born and {for the most part} raised.

One year, in July, we took a trip to Kentucky for a big family reunion. It was the first time I’d ever been there.

On September 30th of the same year, we boarded another plane to KY. Only this time, the tickets were one-way.

one-way ticket. {part 1}

My grandparents were originally from KY, but they had moved to CA over 30 years ago and all of their 5 kids had been raised on the West coast. A few months before the family reunion that year, my grandpa had retired from the company he had worked for for over 35 years.

The family reunion must have stirred up some homesickness, because very, very shortly after, my grandparents were plotting their move to KY.

Since we’re a “close-knit” family, my parents decided to move with them. So did my aunt and uncle.

Our house sold SO quickly. It was only on the market for one week. My parents were thrilled it sold so fast.

We ended up being the first of any of the family to move because of that. We moved the last day of September. My grandpa flew out on Halloween, and my grandma finally came out along with my aunt, uncle, and cousin sometime in November {my cousin was actually born on Sept. 22, so they waited about 2 months before coming to KY. My grandma stayed with them the last few weeks to help with everything.}

For everyone else, it was an exciting new beginning. For me, it completely rocked my world.

California was everything I knew and loved. My best friend was there, my mom’s entire side of the family was there, my life was there.

Anywhere else, I *might* have been more excited. New York City {where I’ve dreamed of going, literally, since I was 6?}?  Of course! But Kentucky.

I desperately didn’t want {and still don’t} to be “Kentuckian”. I didn’t want to have a country accent {I still DO NOT, and I make a point of correcting anyone in my family if they say something with a “country-twang”.}

{Note: if you’re from KY, this post is SO not to bash you or your state! It’s just that for a Cali girl, KY is a totally new world. }

I’ve never said “y’all” in my entire life. It actually pains me even to be typing it.

For so, so long, I struggled with accepting it. My parents always talk about how they are so glad we moved, and I just don’t get it.

I really struggled with identity issues. I didn’t want to be from KY. I didn’t want to be classified as “Southern”. I wanted my sunny, familiar hometown back.

I was so caught up with letting my circumstances define me, I wasn’t realizing that I had the power to define myself.

Soon, a little lesson would rock my world and totally change my perspective of things.

{to be continued tomorrow…!}


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