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One Trick Pony

Posted on the 02 March 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
One Trick PonyI should issue a disclaimer before I start reviewing this film by saying that I am a huge Paul Simon fan and probably am not capable of writing an objective review here. I pretty much had my mind made up that I would like it going into it. The movie begins with the track Late In The Evening playing over a visual interpretation of the song. To add to the already heightened excitement, we then cut to Paul and his band getting off of a plane in Cleveland (there's nothing that gets me more giddy while watching a flick than seeing my hometown up on screen)! They then proceed to perform two great songs at the once revered Agora (I read these tracks were used on the album and actually recorded here). Then backstage, as the cocktail waitress tries to collect on the bill, we glimpse a WMMS bumper sticker, and the following morning Paul leaves her apartment and we get a fine glimpse of our fair city's skyline from an industrial neighborhood.
 The movie then proceeds into a story where Simon's character is trying to juggle saving his failing marriage, keeping his band together, and making a record that will both satisfy the record companies as well as his own artistic sensibilities. The plot was purportedly based on Simon's life at the time. As far as the movie goes, the direction was fine, the screenplay could have used some tinkering, and Simon's performance was adequate. What carries the film, is the soundtrack of his songs, both live and in studio, which demonstrate what a creative and unique musical talent he really is.

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