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One Step At A Time

By Juliez
there are better alternatives...

there are better alternatives...

It all started on April 10, 2011. That’s the day my ex-boyfriend decided to leave me for another girl, another relationship. I’ve had my heart broken before, but it was this relationship, or the ending of this relationship, that made me change my mind for the better. It made me realize that as a woman I’m capable of doing many great things to change our world.

I’m single now and absolutely loving every second of it. Being too caught up in my own relationship caused me to shove my activist rights to the side. Yes, occasionally, there are moments when I randomly pass by the “cutest couple” and I can feel jealousy and disappointment flush over my body. But I’m using my healing heart to stand up to the controversies in the world. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with falling for someone and it’s totally normal to get your heart broken. I’ve just decided that instead of pondering every minute of the relationship at home with a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream in my arms watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” I can join events around my community to keep myself occupied, making small steps turn into big changes.

I want girls out there to know that it’s perfectly fine to be single, especially in this generation. This is the time more than ever where we’re allowed to speak our minds, stand our ground, and use the rights that were given to us. While he’s back home with his new girlfriend I can say that the seeds that were planted at the Katy Prairie Conservation were because of me. I’m devoting my time to helping out others because a helping hand is what we need the most right now. It’s very important to remember to have fun while doing it. Don’t get involved just because you think it’s a good deed; get involved because your voice is being heard every time you do.

So goodbye to Care Bear pajamas, and the ice cream spoon I will admittedly miss, and wasting more Kleenex then Target can stock. I’m on a new journey to discover myself as a woman and enjoying these memorable moments while they last.

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