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One Shot Keto: Pros, Cons and Full Review

By Jessicashaw

Looking for a keto pill that can speed up ketosis and accelerate your weight loss efforts? That’s what One Shot Keto promises. But does it deliver? Yes, but at a price.

One Shot Keto Review

The ketogenic diet has gone absolutely bonkers over the health and wellness space in recent years.

The popularity of the diet is well earned…

Keto has been shown to be highly effective at weight loss1, reducing over-eating2, and even laser-targeting pesky belly fat when burning fat3.

But the diet itself is regimented and can be intimidating for new dieters.

Fortunately, there are a crop of ketogenic supplements and keto pills on the market that can help you get into ketosis faster and with more ease.

And one of the best of the best is One Shot Keto, a pill-based supplement that can help you get into ketosis more quickly.

Here’s a closer look at One Shot Keto, including pros, cons, and my full review.

Let’s get after it.

One Shot Keto – What Is It?

One Shot Keto is a dietary supplement that comes in capsule form.

It promises to help you get into ketosis faster so that your body can burn more fat for energy instead of carbohydrates.

One Shot Keto is much more than just a keto pill, however. As you will see in a moment, it also includes some ingredients that are research-backed to help burn fat, lose weight and even sharpen mental focus.

In other words, One Shot Keto is an all-in-one keto pill that is also designed to torch fat, give you energy and promote weight loss.

Benefits of One Shot Keto

Here are the things that I really like about One Shot Keto:

1. Increased ketone levels.

Each serving of One Shot Keto contains approximately 800mg of exogenous ketones, instantly elevating the amount of ketones in the body.

Research with BHB supplements have shown that they can increase ketone levels by over 300%4.

2. Get you into ketosis faster.

As wonderful and amazing as the ketogenic diet may be, there is no arguing that doing the diet properly is not always easy.

Macros and portions need to be carefully managed to ensure that the body enters ketosis.

One Shot Keto makes this process easier and shortens the amount of time to get into ketosis.

Research with exogenous ketone supplements has shown that it cuts down the amount of time it takes to get into ketosis by over half5.

While results vary by user, you can expect the transition into ketosis to take about half as long.

One study6 with BHB supplementation found users got into ketosis in approximately three days, while for the control group, who did not use keto pills, it took an average of seven days.

3. Decreased symptoms of the keto flu.

With most diets, you expect to feel healthier and more energetic on day one. With the keto diet, and thanks to something called the keto flu, you can end up feeling nauseous, tired, grumpy, and even have trouble sleeping during the first week or so.

Although there has been no organized research on the cause of the keto flu, it’s surmised that it’s simply the body adjusting from a carb-fueled diet to a fats-fueled diet.

While the keto flu does pass, One Shot Keto can significantly shorten the duration and severity of symptoms by elevating ketone levels on day one.

One Shot Keto

4. Reduced hunger cravings.

One of the key parts of losing weight is making sure we don’t pile it all back on in a moment of weak self-control.

Reducing those sporadic but very real hunger cravings is crucial to long-term success with any diet, keto included.

Researchers found that by supplementing with ketone esters, which significantly raised the amount of ketones in the body, participants had a 50% reduction in hunger after just one hour6.

Fortunately, supplements like One Shot Keto have been shown to significantly reduce hunger cravings and increase satiation after meals.

5. More efficient energy.

One of the awesome things about the ketogenic diet is that once you’ve mastered it, and your body is relying on ketones for energy instead of carbohydrates, you will find that you feel sharper, both mentally and physically.

Ketones are simply a more efficient means of delivering energy to the body.

And more importantly, after being in keto long enough, the body will soon start breaking down fat stores for energy, promoting weight loss5.

6. One Shot Keto is designed for significant weight loss.

So far we have been mostly talking about the ketosis benefits of One Shot Keto. But, as you will see, it’s much more than that.

While most exogenous ketone supplements contain only BHB’s, One Shot Keto also has ingredients that are designed to add a little more pep in your step.

As part of the proprietary blend in One Shot Keto, you’ll find green tea leaf extract and green coffee bean extract.

Green coffee bean extract has been shown to have slight weight loss effects6 and green tea extract is a bit of a superhero as it’s high in antioxidants, increases brain function7, and yup, is a certified rock star in promoting weight loss8,9,10.

While the primary function of One Shot Keto is to help you get into ketosis faster (at least, that’s how I used it), these pills are surprisingly loaded with research-backed ingredients that can help speed up fat burning on their own.

7. Includes MCT Oil and black pepper extract

There are two other ingredients in One Shot Keto that I want to quickly cover.

MCT oil, which is a medium-chain triglyceride made from coconut oil, has been shown to increase ketone production and help the body stay in ketosis11.

Black pepper extract, meanwhile, has a variety of benefits, including moderating blood sugar levels12, reducing inflammation, and reduction of appetite13.

8. Easy to take

Finally, there’s the ease of application.

While the keto diet is pretty tough for newbies and even some novice dieters, supplementing with One Shot Keto was a breeze.

Two capsules per day, with water, and you are good to go. I made taking One Shot Keto part of my morning routine, having the capsules next to my desk along with my water bottle.

There’s no yucky aftertaste with the pills, either (looking at you Omega-3 capsules!).

Cons of One Shot Keto

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the crowd pumped up with how amazeballs One Shot Keto is, let’s discuss the things I didn’t necessarily love about it.

It’s pricey.

One Shot Keto is not cheap. A single bottle retails for $69, and like most supplement companies, they try to push you to order in bulk in order to save money.

As an example, buying one bottle means a price-per-capsule of $1.15 (or $2.30 per day). Buying a three-pack brings down PPC to $0.81 (or $1.62 per day).

Cost goes down significantly the more you order. But for people who just want to try it out and see if it is right for them, that $69 price tag can be a little intimidating.

Only ship to USA and Canada.

While this obviously isn’t an issue for people who live in North America, those who live outside are out of luck when it comes to getting their hands on these supplements.

One Shot Keto — FAQs

What are the ingredients in One Shot Keto?

Each capsule of One Shot Keto is 1,100mg and contains a blend of beta-hydroxybutyrates and fat-burning compounds bundled up in a proprietary blend.

Here is a complete list of the ingredients in One Shot Keto:

  • BHB proprietary blend (BHB’s from sodium, calcium and magnesium) – 800mg
  • Detox proprietary blend (green tea leaf extract, green coffee bean extract, niacin, MCT powder, raspberry ketone, black pepper extract) – 300mg
  • The capsule is made of gelatin and rice flour.

How do you take One Shot Keto?

The daily recommended serving of One Shot Keto is two capsules, with water. Even though it’s called “One Shot” each serving is two capsules


Is One Shot Keto safe to take?

The supplement is made in an FDA-approved facility, but like all dietary supplements on the market, One Shot Keto is not tested or regulated by the FDA.

As with any new supplement or workout regimen, sit down with your physician or health care provider to make sure that it is a fit for you.

Those with severe tree nut allergies should avoid this product as One Shot Keto contains coconut allergens.

Where to Buy One Shot Keto

This keto supplement is available exclusively through their online store, which can be found here.

Here is the latest pricing:

  • One bottle (60 capsules) — $69 ($1.15 per capsule)
  • Three bottles (180 capsules) — $147 ($0.81 per capsule)
  • Five bottles (300 capsules) — $198 ($0.66 per capsule)
One Shot Keto
Shop @ One Shot Keto

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