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One Rough Week Sans Fashion

By Kena @campchic

Last week was pretty awful! I got in a car accident on my way to Napa, someone made a duplicate card of my visa check card and withdrew all my money from my bank account, and a date I thought I was going on - turned out the guy needed me to confirm I would sleep with him prior to meeting me for coffee. Generally, when I have a week of catastrophic portions such as this, I drown my sorrows in a "quickie" shopping trip. That option was non-existent since I had NO moolah. All I could do was sit on my couch and have a good ole' cry. Yep, I cried like I was losing it! In fact I'm pretty sure my neighbor thought something horrible had happened by the range of crying sounds I was making between our paper thin walls. He didn't come over to check on me, which I was glad of.

THE CAR ACCIDENT:  It was rear-end so luckily my friend I were okay. The damages isn't as bad as it could be so I'm also thankful for that. The frustrating part was dealing with the Insurance agent. The accident wasn't my fault so everything should have be taken care of by the other driver. My favorite question from the Insurance agent was "will you be needing a rental car while your car is in the shop".  My fantasy response, "well sir since my last name isn't Trump you can pretty come to that conclusion on your own". My actual response, "what do you think".  After working out a few more details on car repairs and rental car all was set.

THE DATE THAT NEVER WAS: Now, I know I'm not the world's most experienced dater. However, someone please explain to me when it became appropriate for a Man to discuss sexual intimacy prior to a first date. If you're scratching your head trying to figure out where I met this creep, let me save you you the trouble. I met him on "Plenty of Fakes" otherwise known has "Plenty of Fish".  I really shouldn't be online dating since I possess a rather high level of  paranoia. I mean I look at the valet parking attendant sideways. Every time, I use valet parking (which is rare) I make sure to make long eye contact with the attendant to assure him/her that I now have good idea of what they look like and will be able to report them to police if  they choose to steal my Kia Rio. Ok, back to the date........I read through this guy's profile with the upmost care. I scanned it for any red flag's and spotted none. I mean he seemed to care about his family, he was looking for a woman that wasn't playing games, he had a good job, God-fearing, and loved intellect. We chatted a bit online and then exchanged numbers everything seem to moving along nicely. Until I got the the first text from him. The first text he sent expressed how "drawn" he was to me. We set up a phone conversation/possible date. A couple of days later I get another text from him (cue ominous music) which professes his "love" for me. Yep, you read that right "LOVE".  We hadn't even heard each others voices and he's talking about love. At this point there are land mines going off in my mind. My response "maybe we should discuss this over the phone". Two days later I get another text from him explaining that we shouldn't go out since he wants to sleep with me and my interest aren't the same. Heck No Joker! You better believe my interest aren't the same. You want to get intimate and I want to enjoy a cup of loose leaf tea. What kind of mess? First off - I don't even know you, second - I haven't heard your voice, and third - I don't even know you. What a creep! 

THE MONEY: I called my bank to inform them that my account balance was incorrect and my pin number was invalid. The bank rep. explains to me that someone living 600 miles away has withdrew all my money with a duplicate card. Words can not express how upset I was since I NEEDED that money to pay my rent. She apologized after hearing me wailing on the other end of the phone. How could someone cleaned out my account and the bank didn't make me aware of it? The bank rep. She assured me that the missing money would be returned to my account and she would add a security code for extra protection. We'll see about the extra protection part.

So in closing........ my car is in the shop as I type, my rental car is parked outside my apartment, all my money will be returned to my account at the end of the week, and last but not least - I'm attending a BBQ this weekend with over a 150 people in attendance. A 100 of those people will be Men that work at either Apple or Google. Let's pray and hope these men have better manners than the creep from "Plenty of Fakes."


I'm still smiling and GOD is Good!!!




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