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One of The Most Applied For The New gTLD .Art is Settled By Private Auction

Posted on the 16 July 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

The new gTLD .Art appears to have been settled by private auction.

The new gTLD string was set for an ICANN auction on July, 29th 2015 but several applications were withdrawn today indicating that .Art was settled privately.

In all there were 10 applicants for .Art and as of publication 5 applications have been withdrawn

Since there are 5 applications still pending we cannot say who the winner of .Art is, but since several applications for .Art were all withdrawn today it seems certain the extension was settled privately ahead of the ICANN auction

We know for sure that Frank Shilling’s Uniregistry, Minds + Machines, Aremi Group S.A., and Top Level Design who operates .Design, .wiki and .ink as well as EFLUX.ART, LLC, have withdrawn their applications.

The order that applications have been withdrawn has no bearing on how the bidding went in the private auction which is as advertised, private.

Here are the applicants and the current status:

(Withdrawn) Uniregistry, Corp.

(Withdrawn) Top Level Design, LLC  (Withdrawn) Aremi Group S.A.  (Withdrawn) Top Level Domain Holdings Limited (Minds + Machines) (Withdrawn) EFLUX.ART, LLC  (In Auction) .ART REGISTRY INC. (In Auction) UK Creative Ideas Limited (In Auction) Baxter Tigers, LLC (Donuts)

(In Auction) Merchant Law Group LLP

 (In Auction) Dadotart, Inc.

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