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By A Happy Mum @A_Happy_Mum
Lovely. I have used this word countless number of times. To describe a day, a dessert, an excursion, a novel, and nowadays mainly to describe my dearest Angel.
Never had I used it to describe myself. Not even when I was all dolled up and feeling like the happiest bride on my wedding day. Neh, lovely is too sweet a word for me.
Then, one day I woke up to a pleasant surprise - someone out there who believes in me had nominated my blog for the "One Lovely Blog Award". Finally, the word that eluded me and my life is here to stay. On my blog, at least. My heartfelt thanks goes out to to Jessica from Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby.
One Lovely Blog
I know that not everyone believes in these blog awards. After all, they are passed from blogger-to-blogger and not judged by a professional panel. So, while there are people who feel appreciative and elated for being chosen, there are also others who don't really care. For me, I'm just happy to be nominated and grateful to the ones who show faith in me. I mean, of all the millions of blogs out there, to be remembered and to be penned down by a fellow mum-and-blogger, it has got to mean something in my heart.
In following the guidelines, here are the five blogs that I wanna share this lovely award with. I love visiting these mommy blogs and they never fail to constantly inspire and motivate me to keep writing.
1) My Baby Footsteps
2) A Mad Girls Lovesong
3) Sakura Haruka
4) Love, Beauty and Things that make me smile
5) A Juggling Mom
Next up, which you can jolly well skip reading if you like, here are some things about me that you never knew:
1) I do not like to run on the treadmill. Actually, I don't even like to run at all. Give me a Zumba DVD anytime and I'll rather boogie to shake off the calories.
2) I'm the classic example of a bad female driver. And yes, I can never exactly remember the route even if I've taken it a hundred times.
3) I love to sing. For hours and hours. Jw and I used to go for karaoke sessions, just the two of us and we would sing till our voices go hoarse. I mean, who cares how well or poorly you sing when it's just you and him?
4) I tear easily. Super easily. I cry at Taiwanese idol dramas, I cry at love comedies, I cry when I watch music videos, I can cry over the same movie despite watching for the tenth time, I even cried once when watching Word World with Angel. The one when it was Dog's birthday and he ran around looking for his friends but couldn't find them as they were planning a surprise party for him. Not kidding.
To my readers, fellow bloggers and hot mamas out there: 
Have a lovely day, lovely week, lovely year ahead.

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