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One in Ten European Wild Bee Species Face Extinction

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

One in ten European wild bee species face extinction

One in ten European wild bee species face extinction


GR:  This is a global problem.  This morning I stood inhaling the sweet scent beneath the magnificent plumb tree that shades my bird garden bench, looked up into the countless fragrant blossoms, and listened in vain for the hum of working bees.  There was silence except for the distant hum of a truck on the road a mile away.  No movement amidst the thousands of blooms except for a single fly.

This is the worst spring for pollinators in the eighteen I’ve lived and worked at Coldwater Farm.  There were a few bees last month when the apricot bloomed, fewer when the willows bloomed, and now nothing in the plumbs.  We have a farm nearby, and I wonder if they are killing the bees with Monsanto GMO crops and pesticides.  If they aren’t, could the lawn and garden pesticides my neighbors are using cause the bees to disappear?

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By Sam Williams
posted on 30 March at 10:23

Definitely worrying! Bee's are so important to the ecosystem, something should be done.