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( One Evening with Me ) at Senses, Oakwood Hotel, Pune

By Aliasgarmukhtiar

One evening with me is a series I am writing and sharing here on my Blog about all the places, moments, experiences, restaurants and events  which I like or i feel the urge to share it .
( One Evening with me ) at Senses, Oakwood Hotel, Pune The other day we had gone to Senses , it was a birthday party and we were a big group. Senses at Koregaon Park is a fantastic, vibrant and a very soothing place with a very positive vibe to it. They have  a magnanimous buffet laid out every day and i to be very honest despite my large 6 feet frame am a very poor eater, seeing such a buffet in front of me only fills my stomach without tasting a morsel and my wife and my friends who always without fail tell me you are a misfit in these kind of buffet.  Anyway if you are a true Connoisseur of fine dining then you should head to Senses and soak it in.  The service and the ambiance make the experience more enjoyable........... A plus plus all the way 

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