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One Day at a Time

By Mochocki @mochocki

The hardest part about any new journey is taking that first step. We get so focused on what the second or third step will look like that we’re afraid to move. I’m a planner, so I understand this. I need to know that every piece of the puzzle is present before starting a project. I think long-term instead of focusing on what needs to be done right now.

Photo by Dermot O'Halloran, Creative Commons

Photo by Dermot O’Halloran, Creative Commons

So I was excited when Ben Dempsey, a fellow Starter, challenged the group to do a mile a day (biking, walking/running, or swimming) this month. He didn’t say, “let’s train for a 5k on October 1st.” Instead, we’ll take one day at a time and see where we end up.

Take it slow.

What is easier? 1 mile or 3? 5 pounds or 100? A 150 page book or 1,000 words?

The point is, we sometimes get so wrapped up in the details that we never get started. We’re overwhelmed with the possibilities and afraid that things might not go as planned, so we just never start. We sit and think and prepare and dream, but never do step 1.

That stops today.

The pyramids were built one stone at a time. Even with technology, the same would be true for us.Go out and do your first mile (whatever your mile may be). Don’t wait for tomorrow. I believe you can make something big happen.

I’m joining the group in doing a mile a day. Join or follow along at #mileaday on Twitter or Facebook!

What can you do today to start a new path? Share in the comments!

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