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On the Road with Your Dog

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
road trip with your dog

On the road with your dog can be quite an experience. Some dogs are enthusiastic passengers in the car. If driving with your dog is too distracting and prevents you from taking him different places, try this exercise. First, warm up your dog’s mind and self-control with a five- or ten-minute obedience workout.


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Next, open the doors to your car. Sit in the back seat and have your dog “SIT” next to you. Keep the leash in your hand and use your obedience command language. As long as your dog behaves, praise heartily. If he is fidgety, divert with “NO” and redirect with “SIT.”


For the next step you will need two people. Sit in the back seat and let your assistant drive your car. Give your dog a “SIT| command (leash and collar on). Move the car slowly at first. Praise your dog as long as he remains sitting. As your dog begins to get upset or unsettled, divert with “NO” and redirect with “SIT.” Initially you may not get out of the driveway and instead, just back out and return. If the driveway trip goes well, drive around the block.


Increase the driving time as your dog learns to relax and ride well.  Some dogs tend to become stimulated by the moving objects outside the window. If this seems to be the case, formally socialize your dog to these movements.


You may need to drive with two people for a while until your dog becomes acclimated to riding with manners in a “SIT.” With lots of experience and a little maturation on your dog’s part, you may be ready to ride solo with your dog. Remember to start slowly with the driveway exercise and work up to a longer ride. If the “SIT” goes well, try “DOWN” as the next step in safe riding.


Doggie seat-belts, crates in cars, and dividers for the front and back sections of cars are all ways to ensure the safety of your dog. Crates help not only contain your dog, but provide security for them during movement. Seat-belts ensure a limited space and the simulation of someone holding them in a position. Dividers will certainly maintain the boundary between the driving area and the passenger area.


Once your pooch is ready, don’t forget this friendly reminder:

dog road trip


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