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On Sacred Relics in Christianity

By Mba @mbartoloabela

On sacred relics in ChristianitySACRED RELICS OF THE CHURCH

Many consider sacred relics to be a thing of the past. Others regard them as objects of fear and superstition, remnants of the ‘magical thinking’ that seemed to characterize the faith of the simple folk in older times. Yet others consider them objects of mockery and accusation, no better than the ‘indulgences’ that were sold with such prevalence at the time of Martin Luther. Even more others make money off them by buying them at estate sales, flea markets, and at times church closure sales, then flipping them on Ebay.

Sacred relics are none of the above. Being direct remains of the physical body of the saints and others in Catholic and Orthodox Christianity (first class), or parts of the clothing worn and/or objects used in daily life by the saints while still alive (second class), relics are direct bearers of the Divine Light because their original owners, both raised publicly to the altars and…

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