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On Lock Down Period

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog
On Lock Down period

As much as I love traveling, visiting different countries, and working to tick all the items on my bucket list; I have to admit that since I moved to the UK, I didn't do so much traveling abroad, instead, my husband and I try to discover the UK especially England as much as possible, especially while waiting for my permanent residency. However, during this strange 'lock down' period, traveling locally is also restricted. The question is what should we do to fill the time at home? Well this is my solution:

  1. Watch TV news as necessary, not too much as that might drive me crazy, but just enough to get the information, yet I managed to listen to more music... and maybe I could manage to memorise more lyrics of my favourite songs....
  2. Hunting for new photographs could be an option; but I have so many pictures that I need to look at and sort out before I can share it on the media, thus, this is one of the tasks that I aim to do while staying home during the lock down period.
  3. I am now rekindling my arty passion, and trying to find out my artistic talent... (if I have any 😉 ):
  4. Another new hobby of mine is working on my Bullet Journal, and now more than ever, I decorate it even more with silly drawings that I got the ideas from everywhere....
  5. And off course I am still working on training my self to run a Half Marathon before I reach 60 ... I've been training for years but could never manage to get more than a 10 K Run 😦 .

On Lock Down period

On Lock Down period

These are only samples, more of them you can be found on my Nin's Lenscape blog, where I put mostly my best photos only.

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On Lock Down period
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