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On Following…

By Richardl @richardlittleda

A call to trust

I remember the first time I saw one of the trucks below. Having flown from the vast complex of Heathrow, with all its sophisticated equipment  the ‘follow-me’ truck on the tarmac at Fuerteventura seemed like a bit of a joke. In fact, of course, it was anything but. The little pick-up truck played a vital part in the running of the airport. The commercial airliners, so sleek in the skies, are lumbering beasts on the ground and need all the help they can get. These days I am far more likely to see the words ‘follow me’ on a button like this one than on the back of a truck.

On following…


Later this morning, I shall preach on the injunction of Christ to ‘follow me’. It owes far more to the truck above with its offer to guide to safety than it does to the desperate plea to ‘follow me’ and bolster my importance by adding to my follower count. Christ’s is a call to follow him where the duration, destination and demands of the journey are unclear. The only clear thing is his promise to walk with us.

If Christ were a truck, I think he would be the one in the video below. It lasts little more than a minute, but portrays an incredibly vivid picture of trust. What do the words ‘follow me’ make you think of?

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